Saturday, January 28, 2017

Behind Again :)

Well, once again life has gotten a bit busy here on the farm and I have gotten behind in blogging.  I am so sorry and will make this a catch up post.  I might have to break it into two.  :)

In December Uncle "B" and Aunt "S" took Kinsley, Billy, Carolyn and William to the Children's Discovery Museum...
In a bee hive. Honeycombs!  My little larves!
Funny mirrors!
Digging for dinosaur bones!
Puppet shows and theater stage!
Water fun!
 and the Aquarium!
It was the first time Kinsley had been on an outing with her Aunt and Uncle and you can see how tired she was getting here!
And maybe Billy a little too.  :)  That boy never runs out of energy!
Happy time!
 Thank you Uncle "B" and Aunt "S" for taking the time to take the children to such wonderful places and on adventures that they will remember the rest of their lives!

In December Zeke took part in the Special Olympics bowling tournament.
He looks like such a grown man to me here in this picture!  Well, I guess he is now though!
 I knew it would be very crowded and I could not get in, out and move around like I would need to, with all my small children, so William and Carolyn went over to cheer him on!  He got a ribbon!  Great job Zeke!

I know we live in the deep south but we do occasionally get snow!  It snowed here the beginning of January!
Billy and Yellow our faithful farm dog!
Timmy making a snow angel!
My right hand lady!
Kinsley playing with the sand toys in the snow!
Warming up by the fire after playing in the snow.
Kinsley did not want to come in, she was having such a good time.  She got very cold.  Here she is warming back up again.  I had to put her in several layers of cloths to help her get warm.
Warm tea always helps too!
Antonio stayed in where it was warm.  He does not like cold weather and it makes him sick quickly.  He stayed in and supervised the warming up of the little children.

Directly after the snowy weather, we had  a few weeks of very nice weather (mid to high 60's) so we took advantage of it and with the help of God and some of the children, built Billy his chicken coop, he had been wanting for his chickens.
Front view.  It has three separate sections.
The back view.
I tried to design it so a small child could easily care for chickens with  minimal help.  Praise be to God, it turned out great.  I was out there every spare moment, working on it, trying to get it finished before the weather turned cold again.  Glory to God it is completed!...and today it is so chilly, we have our wood stove going.  :)

We also had our two pregnant goats deliver their babies! 
You can read about that over at my farm blog if interested!

Philippians 4:19  But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.