Saturday, October 6, 2018

A Summer Of Small Trips pt.2

In the last post, I started to share all the smaller trips we took over the summer, as we could not do a big family vacation anywhere.  Antonio received a grant, that paid for a family membership to many local places we like to go, so we will be going to them frequently over the next year.

The first place we went was covered in the last post, The Tennessee Valley Railway.  Then we took the little boys and Elizabeth to the Booth Cowboy Art Museum.  They do not allow many photos inside the museum as it will fade the artwork and it is quite dim inside, so we don't have many pictures from that trip.  Here are what I did get and a picture next to one of the many beautiful statues out in front of the museum.

 My handsome hubby and the children we took with us on the trip.  We only took the kids we knew would enjoy the whole experience and appreciate the artwork.
 My two youngest sons, they have come so far since joining our family.  They feed off each other and cause reoccurring, really bad behaviors from their past to resurface, so I have to monitor their play and keep them separated unless supervised.  They love each other but will hurt each other.
Elizabeth really enjoyed being the oldest on this trip and tried to be helpful with the younger children.

The boys just ate up all the cowboy artifacts, art, stories from the past and history of it all.  Especially, the American Indian things.
They had an area of interactive displays that the children just loved to play in.  It was a very good day!

The next place we went to was the Creative Children's Discovery museum in Chattanooga Tennessee.  I love going there because everything is so hands on, safe and educational though interaction, that I can actually sit and watch the children just experience everything that is there.
Kinsley and Anna-Kate discovering how water flows.
Pulley's, buckets and water!  Fun at any age.
 A draw bridge over water!
Kinsley driving!
Daniel tigers neighborhood.  Her favorite!
Actually, everyone liked it.
Pretending to file mail.
My big guys.

We also went to the aquarium and an indoor inflatables play park a few times.  We had such a laid back good summer and are happily embracing fall and all that it holds right now.  God is so good and we feel very blessed.

Isaiah 12:2 Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid: for the Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song; he also is become my salvation.