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The Bible says that we are not to forsake fellowship and to build and edify one another. I would love to hear from you and would be glad to answer any well intended questions about adoption, foster care, special needs children or anything else that I can. As you can well imagine our lives are very full but I will do my best to get back to you as soon as humanly possible. Blessings!


  1. I was sitting here tonight reading all I could about FAS, we have been foster parents for 15yrs....never had the honor of adopting a child yet...then boom within a month we get a little girl with DiGeorge syndrome, and five days ago a call for a premie still in the NICU with possible FAS...he is precious all 4lbs of him. I have been rocking him for the past four days until he can come home. It is highly likely that we will be able to adopt this little doll baby. Yet we are scared.

    I too am a Christian...actually a Minister with a hope ministry, radio station and Author....I know what it means to trust God ....that he gives us today...the strength for today...and we always say yes to him even when saying no would make life a whole lot easier. We have six of our own children and always have a least two fosters.

    I would truly be grateful if you are able to chat...I would love to interview you for my radio show..Amazing HOPE....I am a huge advocate for foster care and run commercial all day recruiting loving homes.

    I am grateful for finding this post and look forward to chatting.
    Always in HOPE Shellie
    P.S we named the baby Levi David.

    1. Hello Shellie!
      So good to hear from you and all you do in service to our God. It is good you are doing research before possibly adopting this child. Its always good to be informed. We also know that all the information in the world will not prepare you for the journey you will take, if taking in this child or any special children. It is one thing to read about it, it is another thing to live though it. Being that you are a believer and He seems to be asking you to walk this road...I can tell you that your journey will be amazing and miracle filled. That because of who HE is and your fervent prayers, the hard times wont be so hard and the good times will be amazing. My Carolyn was very hard as a toddler/child. She has learned to temper her emotions but still can not easily control them. The learning disabilities are pretty severe but she is amazing and can do so much. Consistency and routine are a big thing in helping her be stable. Every year that went by she got easier and had more self control. She is a cherished daughter, a huge help around here, and I don't know what I would do without her in our lives. There are no regrets whatsoever. Levi David has been given to you for a reason and all children are a blessing from the Lord!

      My Elizabeth possibly has DiGeorges. The fish test came back negative, so no 22Q deletion but she has all the markers of it so they think she has it.

      I would be honored to chat. My email is Contact me this way and I will give you my phone number.


  2. Hello Susan,
    I have read over some of your stories and you are just such an inspiration to me. I do have a question about the measurements of the triple bunk beds. Thank you , Lilly

    1. Thank you. You are to kind. All the Glory to God!

  3. Hi Susan, I was wondering if you had measurements for the triple bunk beds? I also love your blog. Thank you, Lilly.

    P.S Sorry if this is my second message in a row my computer is acting all crazy :)

    1. The measurements on how to make them and the supplies are all in the comments below the post of the bunk beds. :) Thank you for leaving such an encouraging comment. I hate it when my computer acts up. Technology is great when it works! Many blessings!