Saturday, January 13, 2018

Another year older!

Antonio had a birthday at the end of the year last year, in December.  It is hard to believe he is now 23 years old.  We are grateful for every year!  Praise the Lord, he had a good birthday and was in his right mind for the day and celebration.  He wanted to go to a local "all you can eat" Chinese restaurant, for his special meal.  He has a feeding tube for all his liquid needs, as he aspirates on any fluid taken by mouth.  He does like to eat but often tires after a few bites or just can't eat because of his health or state of mind, so at those times, we blend the food he wants to eat and put it in through his feeding tube.  Lately, he is into eating cream cheese wantons for some reason.  So a Chinese restaurant was his choice.  He also wanted cheese cake, like Zeke had on his recent birthday.  My sister did a wonderful job once again and made a delicious cake for him.  Thank you Aunt "S"!
Antonio is still cycling through good and hard spells... you can read about them and how they came about here.  He will be in his right mind and happy and sweet for several weeks and then totally opposite for a few weeks.  It is very hard on the whole family when he is not in his right mind.  For the few weeks surrounding thanksgiving, he was going through a hard spell and could not even come out and be around people or enjoy the meal he had looked so forward to, just a few weeks earlier.  He says horrible things and tries to hurt anyone who comes in arms length of him when going through a bad spell.  It makes me so sad to see him like this, as I know this is not who he is.  God is so faithful and helps us through it all.   We all become very happy in our home, as we see Antonio emerging out of this phase and becoming himself once again.

When he is himself, he is the sweetest, best, son and brother to all the children.  Loving and tender.  Here I caught him playing with Kinsley on his I-pad.  So very tender.
We love you dearly and always Antonio!  May God grant you health and pour out His healing power upon your body and mind.  You are an inspiration to all and are a wonderful son.  Happy Birthday!

Isaiah 60:1-2  "Arise, shine; for your light has come, And the glory of the LORD has risen upon you. "For behold, darkness will cover the earth And deep darkness the peoples; But the LORD will rise upon you And His glory will appear upon you.

Love, Dad, mom, Stephen, William, Carolyn, Zeke, Elizabeth, Billy, Timmy, Kinsley and Anna-Kate

Saturday, January 6, 2018

16 Years!

I am so behind on blogging.  "Busy" has hit our home once again and I am doing my best to get everything back under control and into some type of routine.  Hopefully, by February, we should have fewer appointments and calmer days again.
In November 2017,  Zeke had his 16th birthday!  Happy Birthday Zeke!! 

Zeke came into our home when he was 8 days old.  I cut the hospital band off his little leg myself.  God brought Zeke into our home in one of the most miraculous ways.  In a way that I knew, beyond a shadow of doubt, that Zeke was to come into our home and be our son.  Through a dream (read about it here) given to me by God.  He has blessed my life and heart every day of his life.  I am amazed at how quickly 16 years have went by.  He is growing into such a nice young man.  He is quiet and kind.  He is helpful and always does his best at anything we ask him to do.  How I love this young man.

Zeke is still attending public school.  He loves going and his teacher is absolutely wonderful.  He is very close to the two para pro's in his classroom and thinks the world of them.  He spends some time doing work in his classroom.  He goes to two main stream production class and social studies.  He is doing very well in the work program at his school.  His first year in the program he worked at our local farm store.  At the beginning of this school year he worked at a local steak house.  This second half of the school year he will be working with his dad.  He is looking forward to that. 
This boy loves to eat!  He now can handle all foods without reactions and is enjoying the broader pallet!

Zeke spends his time, at home, making movies.  He has his own little 10 by ten area, that we set up for him on the enclosed front porch area, of our home.  He has a computer for making his movies after he films them.  He has all his legos and wooden railway train things for filming as well and many tables for making scenes on.   He tries to have a new movie for Tim and I to watch every Friday for movie night.
Zeke is a good brother to all his siblings.  He often stops to tickle and tease his younger siblings.  He gets along well with Billy and they play legos together.  He also helps us load and unload Antonio onto the bus or helps with transfers when we have to lift Antonio.  Zeke will have to live with us always and none of us have any complaints or concerns about that. 

Zeke loves animals.  He still has his little therapy/companion dog, Roo.  She is getting very old.  He has had her since she was six weeks old.  He also has two little Guinea pigs and a very old pony from his childhood , Dixie.  She can not be ridden and he tenderly grooms and cares for her daily.

I love Zeke dearly.  He is such a sweet, gentle soul and brings us many blessings by just being here with us...Just like God told me in that dream about him, those many years ago.

Zeke wanted a cheese cake for his birthday.  So my sister made him a delicious home made cheese cake.  He was so happy.  Thank you aunt "S"!  Aunt "S" and Uncle "B" also took Zeke and William to the Lego store for Zeke's birthday!  Very happy young men! 
Happy 16th birthday Zeke!  You are a truly wonderful son and blessing to our home.  You love the Lord and always try your hardest at all you do.  You inspire me.  May God have His mighty hand on your life now and always.  May you always serve and love Him!

Psalm 90:16  Let Your work appear to Your servants And Your majesty to their children.

Love, Dad, mom, Stephen, Antonio, William, Carolyn, Elizabeth, Billy, Timmy, Kinsley and Anna-Kate.