Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Second Catch Up Post As Promised!

I have never seen anything like this in my entire life.  If you look closely, you can see the rainbow in front of the trees and ending on my dads home.  A rainbow is a reminder of Gods promise. I like to think this is Gods precious promises, abiding on my dad and his home.  So very special and amazing.
This will be the second catching up post and then I hope to keep up with my blogging much better.  :)

The weather here has been just wonderful for working outside, so I have been very busy with doing little projects and clean ups around the farm.  If I have a choice of working inside or outside...outside wins every time.  Housework will always be there for me to catch up with, when we have colder or rainy weather.

In January Carolyn had her Footsteps in Faith ballet recital.  It was so uplifting, inspirational and beautiful as always.  She has matured and progressed so much in her ballet technique and grace.  So beautiful.

We are still in a drought (our pond is still only half full)  but we had a good amount of rain come through in one storm.  The children love to go outside and jump in muddy puddles when that happens.
It blesses my heart to see them having so much fun just being kids and not worrying about getting dirty.

Kinsley and Anna-Kate are only a year and a week apart in age.  They are very close sisters.  I took these while they were waiting to go back for their therapy appointments.

Carolyn is still  my right hand girl.  She helps me so much with the children and out door barn work.  We work very well together and she is happiest when she is with me and helping me.  She is not only my daughter but one of my best friends.
My sweet Carolyn and little sleeping cutie pie.
There is a small circus that comes to a town near ours every year.  We have not made it out to our little circus in many years.  I wanted to make a point of going to it this year beacuse the younger children are finally old enough to enjoy it and have never been to one.  Also, because I beleve that circuses will soon be no more and are a dying piece of American history.  We saved up for a month so we could go and when we got there, the ticket lady blessed us and let us all in for 1/3 of the price, of what we were expecting.  (God bless her and thank you Lord!)  We sat on the very front row because Antonio is in a wheel chair.
Antonio is going through one of his hard spells.  They last a few weeks.  He seemed to enjoy it even though he was not himself.
We enjoyed seeing everything up close and in full view!
Billy with the tiger and lion act behind him!
 The older children were just as excited and happy as the little ones.  I paired up a little with a big, to help the littles get the most out of the experiance.
Anna-Kate always does better when with her dad. She is a daddy's girl through and through.
Elizabeth buddied up with Antonio and Carolyn with Timmy.
William was Kinsley's big buddy.
Billy is always my buddy, as it is so very hard to keep him focused, sitting still and behaving appropriately.  He did well as the action never stopped!
We had a little extra money because the ticket lady let us in at a reduced cost, so the ones that wanted to, had a ride on a camel.
I cant believe we didn't get a picture of the elephants!  They were absolutely huge!
It was an outstandingly fun time, that the children are still talking about daily.

I will leave you with a peaceful picture of my pair of clown fish  in my little reef tank.

Hebrews 12:14  Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord: