Saturday, January 30, 2016

Winter Recital

Carolyn and Elizabeth love ballet.  They have been taking ballet for 7 years.  They started out in a special needs class together.

They improved and were then able to move over into regular classes their second year.
That year they took tap as well but it was too much for Elizabeth's heart condition.

I have had them in three different ballet schools over the years.
I have kept them in ballet all these years because it has greatly helped Elizabeth's muscle tone, Carolyn's ankle strength and has been a healthy outlet for them for having fun.  Plus they really love it!  Kinsley is already trying to copy the moves they do at home when they are stretching and practicing.  :)

This year, Elizabeth and Carolyn are taking a ballet class together here in town. Carolyn also goes alone, to a ballet school  about 45 minutes away.  The school that Carolyn goes to alone, puts on a wonderful winter recital every year, called Footsteps in Faith.  It is a dance recital that is all for the glory of God.  All of the music selections are to Christian music.  It is an amazing recital we all look forward to going to every year.

It was wonderful.  The music ministered to my heart and Carolyn did beautifully.  It was almost rescheduled because of bad weather and ice.
But the show must go on!
My brother in law and sister came to the performance and gave her this lovely bouquet!  Carolyn loves chocolate!  Thank you Aunt "S" and Uncle "B"!

I have to spend a good bit of time on Carolyn's hair.  It has to be done very tight and neat.  One of her dreams is to grow her hair down to the floor.  It is very long to make a bun out of now so I have to braid it first and then twist it up and pin it.  Then use a ton of hairspray.
Her hair is very thick and straight.  It does not hold a curl well no matter what I do.  She was so happy to see it this wavy after we took it down. 
The waves were gone by supper time and her hair was straight again.

Exodus 15:20  And Miriam the prophetess, the sister of Aaron, took a timbrel in her hand; and all the women went out after her with timbrels and with dances.

You are growing up so much my sweet Carolyn!  You did a wonderful job and danced for the glory of God.  We love you!




  1. Oh this is so beautiful! It just warms my heart! Carolyn's smile reminds me of my Faith. Such pretty happy girls! Elizabeth is so beautiful too, and so tall! :o)
    Kinsley is trying to do ballet!!?? You have got to post a picture!! PLEASE!!
    Girls are so much fun! My girls are doing several Bible studies on women of the Bible now. It just hit me that they know the names of many Biblical men, but few women from memory. They are loving it!!
    (((HUGS))) Please tell Tim he is never far from our thoughts and PRAYERS!!

    1. When I see pictures of Faith, I often am reminded of Carolyn as well. Elizabeth is getting very tall. Much taller than I am and raids my closet for clothing now!...Amazing. I love boys and raising boys. Their is a special bond there between a son and mom...but you are right...girls are so much fun! From the clothing to the girly activities. Love the idea of doing Bible studies on women of the Bible. Wonderful!