Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Yesterday was the day.  The day that William has been waiting to arrive for two years.  The day to get his braces off.  He came into my room first thing just overjoyed and hugging me saying I just cant believe it.  Today’s the day!  All day long he kept asking what time we were going to leave and saying how slowly the day was going by.  He hugged me twice as much as he usually does.  And that’s a lot of hugs. :)

He has done very well with having braces.  Way better than I had thought he would do.  I am so pleased with him.  He has autism and things that bother you and I a little, usually are things that irritate him a whole lot.  So he has felt a bit tortured for two whole years having them in his mouth.  From the adjustments, to wearing bands for a while, to having parts poking him at times to not being able to eat some of the foods he likes.  It was just a lot for him tolerate and still function.  As many of you know who have children with autism, if something is bugging them they usually can’t function, act out or shut down.  This was really kind of good for him.  Not just for straightening out his very crooked teeth and pallet, but to just learn to tolerate something you don’t like and keeping going. 

When Zeke (who also has autism) is forced to wear his clothing right side out, he itches and fidgets and can't concentrate to get anything done.  The tags and seams and textures bother him that badly.  It puts him in a very bad mood he can't shake.  That is why in most of our casual pictures that I post, if you look closely, you will see Zeke's shirt inside out and often backwards and he is in pajama bottoms inside out.  As pants are to binding.  If we are going to town he knows he has to get dressed into town clothes.  But at home.  We are still working on it. If I make him wear his shirt the right way, this is what he looks like.
Of course this is before he has gotten very far on his cup of coffee.  :)  That's my little man, crabby but cute!

The orthodontist that we use,  we just love him and all his staff.  They are very good with the kids.  We first used them for my oldest son, Stephen and were so impressed, we used them for William as well.  Elizabeth needs braces and her insurance won’t pay.  The insurance says it is cosmetic.  (when she was a baby her whole skull was collapsing for goodness sake, she had to wear a helmet to reshape her head and a collar to keep her neck straight. Don’t tell me the mess in there is cosmetic!)   Anyways we love them, at Dr. E’s office so much that we are going to pay cash on a plan to make sure Elizabeth gets what she needs to have done and by this very tender loving group of people.

When William first started having orthodontia troubles it was several years before he got braces.  He had to be fitted to wear a retainer but back then was still having oral/food aversion issues.  Certain textures and kinds of foods made him….well…there is no way to nicely say it….but get sick.  Throw up.  A lot of things made him go into gagging fits and he had only a few foods he would eat without a huge gagging ordeal.  If he had to hold something in his mouth he would also gag. (like a toothbrush for to long or a Popsicle stick or tongue compressor)  So having to hold an oral tray in his mouth full of goo for even a minute, to get impressions to make his retainer was a nightmare.  I remember borrowing the oral trays from the orthodontist office and taking them to his occupational therapist.  Every week we would work on putting oatmeal and different textures of gooey foods in those trays and having him hold them in his month for a few seconds.  And then trying to lengthen the timing to what would be required at the orthodontist office without him going into gagging fits.  He finally was able to do it and has been able to let them take x-rays and impressions and make molds without any trouble.  He says he still has to fight the feeling but does well and the place we go to is very patient with him. 
So imagine how sitting there with his mouth held open for so long as they put the braces on, instruments and tools and fingers in his mouth and for every adjustment.  Well, I am just so pleased with him.  He truly has been such a trooper thru the whole two years of it all. 

He was so happy today.  It was a very joyous day for him.  I took him to get a milkshake on the way home in celebration. He is picking our foods for movie night this Friday.  Planning the menu you might say.  He said every crunchy kind of food that he was not allowed to eat these two years, for fear of breaking his braces, is what they are having!

You did great William!  We are so pleased with you!  Congratulations!

Now we get a break for a month before Elizabeth gets hers put on in JUNE!

Colossians 1:11-12  Strengthened with all might, according to his glorious power, unto all patience and longsuffering with joyfulness;  Giving thanks unto the Father, which hath made us meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light:


Monday, April 29, 2013

William's and Zeke's Hobby!

It started with Zeke really.  Zeke started having a fascination with "stop animation" after we had watched a film about how the makers of Shaun the Sheep made and produced their movies.  Zeke and William both have autism.  So they both are routine oriented and like things just so.  But they both also see detail where other people might not notice it.  So "stop animation" is something they both love and do well.

About 2 years ago Zeke started spending every spare moment taking pictures with his little Fisher Price camera and making "stop animation" movies with it.  His movies always use his Thomas the Tank Engine wooden railway or his lego people.  When Tim noticed that this passion he had was not just a passing phase, he bought Zeke a small child's camera/movie camera.  Now Zeke makes movies and "stop animation" movies as well.  Tim helps Zeke put his pictures into a computer program to music and they play like a real little movie on a DVD.  Zeke has made many movies.  Lego Man 1, 2 and 3.  About a week ago, he took my hand and brought me out to a message in huge letters he had typed onto his computer screen.  It said...Hero's 2 coming in May.  It was his announcement for his next movie sequel to Hero's 1, he had made a few months ago.  Letting us all know and be excited, like you would see in a trailer of a movie about the next one coming out.  I was amazed.  As he can not read or spell hardly at all.  But he had found the words he wanted to use on other things where he knew what they said and used them.  Such a smart boy!   Zeke does not really know how to be gentle with things even when he is trying and also fidgets with things till he breaks them.  Needless to say he is on his third camera now.  But because this is such a good thing for him we keep replacing it.  And it is not  an expensive one.  Just the sturdiest one we could find. :)

A few months ago William got interested in "stop animation" as well.  He started to mess with stop animation in his spare time with his legos.  He has always been into legos. Actually, he has a very small room in our house that is just his special quiet space.  His lego room.
Messy and overwhelming, I know. No one is allowed in that room but his faithful dog!  See her at the bottom of the picture patiently watching him?  It is his space.  (He won't let me clean in there for fear I will vacuum up or sweep up a tiny lego. Or move or break something when I dust.   So he does the cleaning in there and his bedroom weekly. (He doesn't like me to clean his room either.  He doesn't want me moving things around or touching things) He likes things just so. We didn't buy all those legos for William.  Many of those legos are hand me downs from my eldest son Stephen, gifted to him when Stephen moved out.  Yes, and the accumulation of Williams life as well.  Anyways, "stop animation"  has now become his hobby as well.

I recently made Farmhouse Cheese Corn Bread.  I had William taking pictures so I could  put them on my farm blog to show people how I make it.  When we were finished and I pulled the corn bread out of the oven, I cut him a piece to sit and eat for helping me.  He went over to the kitchen table and in a few minutes came back with this movie for me.  He said it was for on my farm blog to put at the end of the recipe page.  I liked it so well I thought I would share it here.  Enjoy.

May God help us all to see the details in life and enjoy the gifts of those around us.

James 1:17  Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning. 




Saturday, April 27, 2013

Officially A Teen!!!

Happy 13th Birthday! My beautiful daughter!!!

I remember so vividly the day God brought you to us.   I remember the call from DFCS asking if we would consider taking and infant girl with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.  They said they would need to bring you out to the house immediately if we said yes.  That it was my secret hearts desire to have a baby girl and God gave you to us.  A precious gift at 10 weeks old, I remember you being placed in my arms for the first time.  How small you were for your age.  How sweet and beautiful you were.   Thick black curly hair. 
How you bonded with us immediately.  
 Clung to your Dad and I. (The above picture is one of my favorite pictures in the whole world!)
I remember, and I cherish each one of those memories as you grew.  
I enjoyed every moment.  You worked so hard to learn and grow.  Did all your PT, OT and Speech with such exuberance and determination!  You still do!  We are so pleased with you!
I have enjoyed every day. 
What an absolute gift of a daughter you have been to me. 
So very precious to my heart.
How as you grew you wanted to be with me and help me rather than play.
How you choose to like the things I liked and tried to act and talk like me.  :)
How you stayed up thru the long nights wanting to help me deliver baby goats and didn’t want me out in the barn alone.
How you know I need to eat regularly or I have a blood sugar crash.  How you worry if I am out in town past lunch, you know I can’t eat any food from a restaurant (because of  my food allergies) and call me to ask if you could make anything for me and have it waiting for me when I walk in the door.  
It makes me almost want to cry to know you love me and care so much.
I love you my dear young lady. 
                               My teenager!

Carolyn, You are such a blessing to your Dad and me.  You have grown, thru the years into, such a hard working, obedient, loving, kind hearted Godly young lady.  A true gift from God and joy to our hearts! 
I love you so very much!  Happy Birthday!  xoxoxo

Love Always and Forever,

Psalm 144:12  That our sons may be as plants grown up in their youth; that our daughters may be as corner stones, polished after the similitude of a palace:

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What Is It With Boys Anyways?

                      William, Zeke and Antonio in 2007

I know there is a huge difference between raising girls and boys.  I had always had boys and nephews for many years.  I played with them, tickled them and let them tackle me.  Played, you know?  Then came along girls.  The first time they were old enough to pick on a bit,“play with” a bit.  Tickle them.  They could not take it.  They would end up crying.  I learned to be r-e-a-l-l-y careful and gentle when “ruff housing’ with girls.  They were different.  Very different.

After having a few boys and then some girls added to our lives,  I also noticed that boys loved their moms.  I mean they liked playing with dad but the tenderness of a boy to his mom is something I cherish and truly enjoy in our relationships.  My 26 year old always is so tender with me and hugs me several times while here visiting.  He always asks how I am doing and then says “No mom, how are you really doing? What’s going on?” 
                              Stephen 2007

Antonio asks for hugs all the time and is always tuned in if I don’t feel well and I will hear him praying for me, till I look like I am feeling better. 
                           Antonio and William 2008
William has always hugged me 20 plus times in a day.  Seriously.  Some of it is sensory input as he squeezes the heck out of me but he is tender and loving.  He will go out of his way to do heavy type work before I can get to it, so I don’t do it.  He doesn't want me to over exert myself.
                            Antonio and William 2011
        A gingerbread house Zeke and William made together.

Zeke, has had trouble showing and receiving love since getting Autism but he has always been cuddly with me, even when not making eye contact for two years.  He always hugs everyone in his life from the side with one arm.  I call it, half a hug.  With me it is two arms and hard, often for a long time.  I called him my cuddle bunny when he was very small.  Boys….have a special place for their mom. 
      Zeke downed in a marshmellow war with the marshmellow gun he made.
              William and Zeke made it to the top of a climbing wall.

Girls….oh my, what a different creature.  I run a pretty tight ship here.  Really I do.  I have expectations and rules and they are to be followed and everyone do their part in our family.  From the time the girls were very young…they could be just going thru a normal day, speaking in their normal voice….you know…acting all normal.  Then their dad walks in from a long, hard, day of work and they greet him and melt into weak, needy little creatures, whining every word.    They cling to him.  Vie for his attention.  They are all over him all evening and you know what?..  He falls for it!  He eats it up.  He carried them around way past they age they needed it.  Barely disciplines them.   He is chivalrous with them as they have grown into young ladies. 

Little girls love, love, love their daddies and daddies love their daughters right back.  I love my daughters too, dearly.   I love buying them clothing and doing their hair, showing them how to cook and clean.  Just like I love showing my boys how to do things.  But I have a lot more work to do in shaping the girls into Godly women, as they are so opinionated they try to run my home!  And there can only be one alpha gal here, you know?

But lately, what is it with boys anyways!!!!….. when they hit their pre-adolescent age and on……I can be in the kitchen, watching them all eating peacefully.  No sooner do I walk out of the room and I think I hear a herd of elephants running through the kitchen.  I walk back in and the boys freeze…..one is in a head lock and the other has his brother’s flesh playfully in his teeth!  They calmly get up, take my speech about behavior in the house and looking all pitiful, go back to eating. 

I can be watching them in the boys room at night.  All fresh and clean in their pjs for the night.  They are getting Antonio to bed.  I say good night and no sooner walk out of the room, and again…..  The walls are shaking and sounds pounding on  the floor.  I walk back in and they are pushing hard as they can against each other.  Arms locked straight hands, on each others shoulders.  Teeth grinding, feet sliding, them pushing and shoving.  They again freeze when they see me.  There whole bodies relax.  They give each other a huge hard punch to each others shoulder and walk away.  I don’t get it.  What? Why? Cut it out guys!  Your gonna break something or get hurt!

Stephen and William went thru this till Stephen moved out on his own and oh the peace and quiet in our home, when he moved.  As soon at Zeke turned 11…..here we go again.  It very rarely ends in tears.  Usually, if one of them gets a bit hurt, they start laughing and stop.  Since I have not seemed to be able to put an end to these, several times a day, wrestling matches, I keep telling them if they are going to do that please go outside.  But It seems to slip their minds or happens so spur of the moment that they never do.  And for some reason it doesn’t seem to bother Tim at all?  Guys.

Anyways….I guess Boys will be boys and girls, girls…..And I hope I don’t have to put up with this till William moves out on his own!

May the Lord God in heaven pour out his joy unspeakable and full of glory upon you today.


2 Timothy 3:16-17  All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:   That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.