Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Double Digits! Elizabeth!

Today our youngest turned 10!  Happy Birthday Elizabeth!  I don’t know where the time has gone.  I remember the day she came to us at 12 weeks old.  She was my most fragile child.  I had to learn a lot fast on how to care for all her medical needs.  So many things to be monitored.  So many machines to keep her alive.  
She was so fragile at 12 weeks old when she arrived here.  She turned our lives upside down.  The work to care for her was 24/7 around the clock.  Just exhausting.  Many middle of the night trips to the hospital.  After she was here for a week we realized we needed to go and buy the most comfortable recliner we could find, as Tim or I spent many nights sleeping in her room with her in our arms.  Or we needed to be in there as she was needing constant suctioning to breath and breathing treatments around the clock.
As she grew she started getting stronger and able to be off some machines for short periods of play!  She still was hospitalized a lot.  But she was much more stable.
By the time she turned two she still had lots of hospital stays and surgeries but always a happy girl! Such little leg braces back then! She was a go getter and full of attitude and spunk!
           Our sweetie pie toddler!  God doing a work in her health and life!
     Growing into a young girl! She was able to speak around her trach and learned to talk.
                                               Little princess!
Trach removed! Yippe! The faithfulness of God!  Once her trach was removed she was able to do alot of things that she was never able to do before.  She could never have very fluffy stuffed animals or wear clothing that was fuzzy, play with glitter or sand because of the chance it could get sucked into her lungs thru her open trach.  She was now able to play outside less guarded and swim!
          Growing up on us! No more baby!  No more toddler!
Young fun loving pretty girl! No more feeding tube that year!  Yes, this is about the time she had her g-tube removed and was eating everything by mouth.  It took her a long while to get drinking down too but thru hard work, a lot of practice and prayer she had gotten to the point we didn't use the tube anymore!  Praise God!
We love our youngest girl. Growing up to fast on us.  She loves animals and mothering her dolls.  Tea parties and swimming!  She has always wanted to have a bike.  But her chest is wired together (from so many open heart surgeries) and I was so concerned with her cerebral palsy and unco-ordination that she would fall or hit her chest on the handle bars.  Also we got rid of our trampoline because she didn't know her own limits with her oxygen levels and passed out jumping on it for to long before.  That happened several times, very scarey.  She is more aware of her needing breaks now and so we did a lot of research and for her birthday got her this bike!
She was soooo happy!  Tim spent a long time out side trying to teach her to peddle.  Her leg strength is going to really improve from this!
She could only ride about 20 minutes before huffing and puffing.  I know she is going to practice a lot though.  As the kids have a triathlon (for children with special needs) coming up in a few weeks and I know she is going to want to use her own bike.  In the past she has had to borrow a handicap bike from the therapy place my kids have therapy at that sponsors them in the race. 

The bike I found for her .(its called a Mobo Mobito)  We had to budget to get it.  But it will be worth the joy it will bring her to have a bike.  She has wanted one forever.  There is no chance of falling or hitting her chest on the front part.  And it can only be ridden on a flat surface so she will not over exert herself.  She is sooooo happy!  Just beyond thrilled!  On the children's birthday they get to pick anywhere they want to eat out for supper and get to drink any kind of soda with their meal.  Usually we only drink water with our meals so this is a real treat. 
Over the years we have had so many surgeries and close calls.  But God has been with us and answered prayer after prayer. She has grown into such a lovely young lady for sure. We are so blessed!  I have learned so much from being Elizabeth's mom. Things about God, about my self, about parenting.  At times it has been a very bumpy ride.  But I wouldn't want it any other way.  She is a treasure and true gift from God.

I never knew which child was going to be my last so have always tried to cherish each moment with each child.  But especially enjoy each of them as babies and toddlers.  As those years go by so quickly and are gone.  Between her medical needs and her being the baby of the family she sure has been doted on.  Happy Birthday my dear Elizabeth!  WE love you!

Numbers 6:24-26  The Lord bless thee, and keep thee:  The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee.  The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee  peace.

Your Dad, mom, Brothers and Sister

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