Thursday, April 18, 2013

Diagnosis Does Not Define Them

William called me outside one day and when I walked out I saw him like this.  He is always joking around. 

For many years I went back in forth in my mind about blogging.  I prayed about  it and was pulled both ways for a long time.  I was trying to balance if I should do this and risk exposing my whole family and life to a world that can be very harsh and critical sometimes.  To put ourselves in a position to be criticized or judged for how or why we do things.  Or..... to bring to the fore front how wonderful God is. How He has carried us thru this very, difficult at times, journey we call our lives.  To show the miracles God has done.  To allow people to see that foster care and adoption is a beautiful thing.  To show the world how many children out there need homes and to show people how great a child that has a special needs can be to raise. How rewarding and fulfilling, just as it is to raise any child.  That raising any child has its challenges but blessings and joys as well. 

Of course now I am blogging so you can see where all that has led to.  But I wanted to share today about my children's special needs.  That although each child has one or more diagnosis.  That the diagnosis is not who they are.  It does not define them.
When I speak casually about Carolyn, William or any of the children, the only reason why I mention their diagnosis in their posts, that I write, is to encourage and uplift people who maybe have a child with these diagnosis and bring awareness to others .  That maybe someone is in the trenches and going thru a hard time and feels like the future of their child is bleak because they see little progress. I try to encourage them, by mentioning it, to show…this is what mine have been diagnosed with…..this is all the work we went thru for years and years and years… the prayers we have prayed...and today….this is where we are now!
My children are first and foremost children, God created and wonderful.  That I myself have needed and still need encouragement and need to hear others stories to build my faith and keep me moving forward and to learn from.  To keep me from collapsing on the floor in a puddle of tears when we are having a hard day with one of my kids. 
I may write a post sometimes like... this post is about my autistic son, William.  (when politically correct is William who has autism) But I understand and know, truly,  he is first and foremost William.  He just has a diagnosis of autism.  I might be writing along and not realize the wording I used and it might offend someone.  I am sorry if this happens.  I try to read and pray before I post as to not misspeak myself.  I have never had anyone say anything to me personally about my wordage but have seen many blogging moms and dads get flamed for them saying something the wrong way.  I only put the label (that was given by man, by the way, and not God) so people can see and know.  So when someones child is given the diagnosis of autism, when they are told they have a grandchild with something, when some one is given the blessing of a choice to choose to foster or adopt a child with this diagnosis.  That yes, there might be some hard work ahead.  But they are a wonderful child with likes and dislikes, wants and desires.  And bottom line…every child deserves a family and love.
I write these posts to glorify God, to encourage people, to rejoice in children and possibly for someone to consider adoption or foster kids with special needs. To encourage people.  I always pray that the Lord will show me what to write.

We live in an amazing world created by an awesome God!  He is alive and well, working in the details of our lives.  When we give Him our whole life.  He will use it to His Glory.

Matthew 19:14 But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

May God protect you, give you peace, lead and guide you every moment of every day as you live out your life for Him.

God be with you, 

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