Saturday, October 26, 2013

Southeastren Cowboy Festival

We choose to home school year round here in our home.  We do this for many reasons.  One is so we can take any days off needed for doctors appointments.  Also so we could take a week off here or there for unexpected hospital stays and for surgeries when needed.  But another reason why is so we can take days off to do fun things when the weather is especially nice.

Many of my children because of their special needs, do not handle the heat well at all.  So schooling during summer, in the air conditioning, when it is to hot for them to go out side, except to swim in the after noons, works well for us.  Also many of them do not handle the cold air well.  Elizabeth and Antonio both have lung disease.  So home schooling during the cold winter months in the warm house works well too.  It is in the  spring and fall that we take many days off to work out side on the farm or go places to enjoy ourselves, in the comfortable weather.

Last week while Tim and Zeke were out of town we tried to do something fun every day.  On one of those days, I took the children to the Gordon County Antique Engine and Tractor Show.  If you wish to see the many interesting tractors and engines we saw, you can see them here on the farm blog.   Praise God Tim and Zeke are home safely from their trip and we are back into a good routine once again.
On Thursday last week, at the Booth Western Art Museum, They had their once a year Southeastern Cowboy Festival.
It was very educational so we counted it as a school day field trip!  Also many of my children learn very well hands on and visually.  So this was an added benefit.  The weather was just beautiful and we all had a very good time.

The children watched a presentation on how the Native Americans lived, cooked, traveled and survived and how that all changed after the American colonies started the move west,  populating the areas they lived in.

There were many exhibits set up depicting life as it was in those earlier days.

    Funny scary bear.
Scarier Alligator hide. 

Outside the trading post.

Each person at each exhibit was dressed in period attire and stayed in character telling stories how it was to live back then.  We saw what the legal process was like in those days as well.

There was a rope tricks show.

And many people there showing how they made and fixed things back then.  Like a blacksmith.
Caning chairs.

Spinning wool.

Making pottery.

Making arrow heads.

We also learned about indian trade beads and the art of weaving beads.

We got to see how they cooked on open fires and tried some of the food.  That went over really well! I love the way the girls are holding hands in this picture.  The children really are all best friends as well as siblings.

William tried his hand at archery.  We would have ate pig that night!  Good shot William!

The children had such a great time!

 It was such a wonderful break away from our normal day to day life.  Almost like a mini vacation.  I am grateful to God to be able to take them out to do these type things.  It blesses my heart to see them enjoy themselves.

Lamentations 3:22-23  It is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not.  They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.


I pray you are having a wonderful fall!





  1. What a good idea about homeschooling year around!! Looks like you all had such a wonderful time!!! :)

    1. Hello Nichole! Thank you for your comment. We learned a long time ago that home schooling year round gave us the most flexibility in raising children with special needs. It also helps the children have no regression from stopping the schooling for a few months. The children look forward to days taken off from school even if it is a farm work day! Or fall clean in the house day! It works very well for us. We did enjoy our day so much. Have a blessed day!