Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer Fun

I have re-learned over the last three weeks that God is beyond gracious and more than faithful.  I am so grateful that He alone is giving me the strength to do all that is required.  We all work together around here but even more so now that we have littles again in our home.  Miraculously the house is kept up and the children are fed and cared for.  Don't ask to see outside the house, in the yard, gardens and barn!  :)  I have also learned I can not home school thru the summer with all the toddlers and baby girls constant needs.  So, much to my children's disappointment...(not)...we are not going to get in much home schooling this summer.  We are all enjoying it though.  We are still getting in two days a week or a few partial days here and there.  But for the most part we are enjoying summer.

One day we went to an indoor gym called KidZone. 
They have six or seven of those blow up slides, climbing and bouncing type things one would see at the fair.
I surprised the kids, took them there and just sat watching them for the morning.  Antonio loves to go there and watch all the other children play.  He is always so happy in life.  Such a nice young man and son.
 My children found out it is a lot of work chasing toddlers all over the place!
I was getting up and walking around once in a while, taking pictures, checking on everyone and found William taking a small break from it all.  He had handed off "B" to Zeke to keep up with for a little while.
It was really nice for them all and they left tired and happy.

If you are wondering why Elizabeth is not in any of the pictures that keep this blog honest and real...she had huge behavior issues that morning and a tantrum.  If I had included a picture of her sitting and watching the other children, it would have made you as sad as it makes me to see her reap the sometimes tough consequences of her actions.

The children have also been spending a lot of time in the pool.
Elizabeth is happy to finally have her cast off her foot so she can enjoy swimming with the other children!
Stephen usually comes to visit every other weekend but thru the summer months comes every weekend to swim with the kids and have some fun with them. 
I can not even step out side when they are having their water fights with out getting wet.  We have a wading pool for the toddlers but allow "B" in the big pool a little with close supervision.  Carolyn loves to help him swim around in the pool.

We have a few other little things planned for the summer I would like to see happen.  I would like to take the children to the Chattanooga Aquarium and maybe to the zoo.  I also take the children that want to go, to Lake Winnie every year.  Only a few of them like that sort of thing.  Tim stays home with the ones that do not want to go and has a fun day planned for them as well.  Of course everything now days has to be planned on the day we do it.  As things can certainly change on a dime around here now.

The children are all doing well.  Antonio is doing amazing in his new wheel chair.  I did not realize how important a seating system is for some chidlren.  His tone is so much better in this chair.  He is not nearly as tight so his joints hurt way less.  Praise God!  This is the best set up he has ever had and I am grateful. 

Stephen is working hard at his job and is buying a new vehicle next month.  He is planning on selling his little green truck to William.  William is very excited. 

William is going to be tested soon by the local school system to see what options are available for furthering his education and any possible careers or job opportunities for him. 
We are working hard at trying to tweak Williams diet so he does not have those horrible sugar crashes with his hypoglycemia.  He is supposed to take drivers ed next month and this has to be gotten under control before he gets his license.  He is embarking on a very exciting time in his life and he is a young man that likes routine and does not like change.  He is a slow mover and has to totally be on board on all levels for things to go smoothly.  So we are praying things go well for him.

Carolyn is taking private ballet lessons thru the summer to keep up her ballet skills for when classes start back again. 
She is also continuing her horse back riding lessons on her pony Millie.  She is still enjoys knitting but with summer here she usually only does it when she looses all her technology privileges when she gets sassy.  :)  I guess knitting is something she does more in the winter months.

Zeke is his usual quiet busy little self. 
He spends a lot of time doing stop animation and making movies.  I have taken him out with me alone a few times with the toddlers and baby and he is very good at being helpful with the littles and I think he enjoyed me asking him to do it instead of Carolyn.  Its hard to tell with him as his face is always very flaccid unless I ask him to smile but for him, he seemed cheerful about it.

Elizabeth is out of her cast and will be going to Physical Therapy this summer to get her strength and range of motion back. 
She might participate a little in the summer ballet lessons Carolyn is taking but we will have to see how much her foot can handle.  She has done a lot of reading while her foot healed over the last many weeks and that seems to have become a habit as she is still sitting around reading a lot.  I know I am grateful to have her back on kitchen duty.  She is the only one who keeps the kitchen clean enough like I do.

"B" is still progressing and doing better and better all the time.
I am amazed at the miracle unfolding before my eyes with these two little brothers.  They are transforming into what little boys should be.  They both still have many issues but they are diminishing with time and bonding in our family.  "B" is extremely active.  He wants me close but likes to play independently some now.  He talks non-stop asking me questions all day long.  He regularly pushes the limits and boundaries to make sure they are the same as yesterday.  He is doing really well with his potty training.  I am so glad to have got that ball rolling before the baby came.  God really does plan out our lives well.  "B" has also discovered coloring and several more mature type activities that keep his mind busy and disposition more cheerful.  He can now sit and play doing those things at the kitchen table happily while I get somethings done.

"T" is a cuddly, clingy, quiet little guy.  He is very stealthy and in trouble for climbing all the time.  He climbs where he should not with no plan on how to get down.  So I bought him a huge plastic thing with a place to climb and slide for in the house.  It takes up my whole living room but has cut down on the "time outs" he was getting for furniture climbing. 
Both boys can now be put down to bed at night with out much of a fuss but I make sure to still sing and rock him to sleep for every nap as he seems to need that time with me.  I also make sure I am available to him after his naps as it takes him at least 30 minutes to hatch out and be happy and he does it much better if on my lap or sitting next to me.

Baby "K" is just sweet, sweet, sweetness.  We have all enjoyed every moment she has been here.  I have had lots of quality time alone, nights, with her for us to get acquainted. :) 

She has a very laid back temperament and her little personality is coming out more and more as she is awake and alert a little more all the time.  She does not have tremors nearly as often as she did but still occupationally does.  She is not needing to be wrapped snugly as much as well and is enjoying moving her arms and legs a bit with out getting upset.  It takes an hour to feed her as she has some nursing and reflux issues.  She has to be burped very well and is stingy with them.  I have to keep her upright a lot.  She has gained over a pound since her arrival though praise God!.  She was giving me four hours at a stretch thru the night for sleeping but has went six the last two nights! YIPPEE! Choosing between a shower and more sleep is a tough choice.

I guess that is it from here in the North Georgia Mountains.

May God make Himself very real to you this week in a very specific way.  May you know deep in your heart that He loves his people and will never leave or forsake them.

Psalm 24:7-8  Lift up your heads, O ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in.  Who is this King of glory? The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle.



  1. Oh goodness! You have been busy! Looks like most everything is going well. Poor Elizabeth. She always looks so sweet in all her pictures. I am sure that her behaviors must be frustrating for you and her. As always, I am amazed at how you do it all! May God continue to bless you and yours.

    1. Thank you Julie we need all the prayers and blessings we can get. :) We all do as parents for sure. Some days are so very challenging and I crawl into bed feeling exhausted and like a failure...Praying to do better the next day. Other days go so smoothly and I still fall into bed exhausted! ha ha. If it were not for God this could not be done at all. Thank you Jesus every day for your strength. It is all getting easier as time goes by. I am humbled and grateful always. Blessings!

  2. Aaaw! Everybody looks wonderful! ((((((((HUGS))))))))) and prayers!

  3. Thanks so much for the hugs and prayers! They are always needed and appreciated! Blessings on you and your crew!