Saturday, April 25, 2015

Bug-A-Paluza 2015

Tim and William work very hard around here.  When you have a family as big and busy as ours, we all work together to get things done daily. 
Every April, Tim and William go away on a small vacation together to Bug-A-Paluza.  They both save up money and look forward to it every year.  They both love VW bugs.  Tim owned several when growing up
Tim as a teen with one of his VW bugs.
and William has owned one since he was around 11 years old. 
William with his VW he bought many years ago and still owns.

I love to see them be able to get away together and enjoy this time together. 

But...It leaves me home doing all of Tim's and Williams responsibilities plus all my own.  All of the barn work, child care and the hardest of all...all of Antonio's care.

They went away last weekend.  They left on Friday and came back on Sunday afternoon.  They had a wonderful time.

They go bowling every year.
 Same place every year.
Eat out at some places they eat at every year as a tradition.
 Of course they also spend hour upon hour looking at all the VW vehicles. 

I will spare you the rest of the photos in case you are not interested in VW's.  Seriously... William took 363 photos this year!  Down from the five hundred or so he took the last few years!

Needless to say, I am so happy they had a safe and happy trip.  Every year when they go, I learn how much of a team effort our whole life is and appreciate all they do every day around here.  God is so good and gave me the strength and energy to care for every one and get all things important done again this year.  I truly am unable to do any of these things in and of myself and give all the Glory to God for my strength and life.  

May God give you the ability to do the things in life you know you are not able to do alone.

Isaiah 40:29  He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength.




  1. Oh how they must appreciate the time you give them to go and have a weekend together doing what they love! That is so kind of you. Neat pictures! Thank you for sharing. I will write very soon. : )

    1. Thank you. They really do have a great time every year. Look forward to it and are so kind to me and appreciate it. God is so good!

  2. (((HUGS))) I know how hard it is! When Tom left 4x to see and get our boys for 7 days at a time! The trips to pick up were the worst because my Gabe was with him those 7 days!! Of course Gabe has since left home, but I still have Tom and the 4 other kids can help! :o)
    I liked the VW bug until I rode in my girl friend's brother's bug!! It was so LOUD! And the engine was in the back where we were sitting! Then I decided I did not care for them! LOL!! Tom loves old station wagons, he's had 2 and he inherited my dad's '94 wagon.

    1. It is always so hard when on my own with everyone. It always makes me realize how much I appreciate all the guys do around here and shows me once again how much God does in all this. I am just not able in and of myself at all. God is so good! I like the way VW bugs look but they are not a comfortable car at all to ride in. Noisy and very hot in summer and cold in winter. I love bigger vehicles as well. station wagons are nice too. I like practical! Blessings!