Saturday, May 23, 2015

By Gods Grace

Sorry, it has been a while since I have posted.  Thank you for all the kind notes checking on us and praying for us, with the arrival of the new baby.  Child number 11 for us.  :)

God has been abundantly faithful and gracious to me.  The transition of baby "A" into the family has been seamless.  She is a very good baby.  I can feel God helping me and even though I am tired, I am not exhausted or feel like I am spread to thin.  Baby "A" has had some tummy issues and reflux but seems to be responding well to a gentler formula and medication.  She has only been waking up once a night, since the beginning, so really that is a great thing.  She has grown a lot already and is 16 days old already.

We have taken the summer off from home schooling so we can focus on the addition of the new baby.  We have had to adjust our schedules a bit, "K" is still very delayed and needs me and the toddlers still have some over the top behaviors.
"T" outside chalking up the walk way.  A favorite pastime for all the children!  People keep asking me when am I going to cut his hair.  I just can't bring myself to do it!

When "B" came to us, he had many cavities from bottle rot.  Eight just on his front top teeth.  They decided to put him under to fix them all and to put crowns on his top four front teeth.  Once they got in there they were to bad to save, so they had to remove all four of his top front teeth.  They were able to fill all the other cavities.
I just thought it best to cut out the home schooling, adjust with out stress and have the older children work on some projects that have needed doing around here.  William stripped and painted "deck over" on the pool deck.  He and the other older children also spent one day in their swimming suites washing the siding, windows and porches on the whole house.  The Lord gave me the strength to get the brush and trees on the whole back hill cut back.  William and my dad took a huge load of stuff over to the dump.  The middles and I started cleaning up the flower beds last week.  We still have a few things on our "To Do List" before the heat hits.  The weather here has been very comfortable so far.  One of the things we want to get done is fixing up and putting a new coat of stain on the playground structures.  There is still more work to do out in the gardens too.  There is always things that need doing when you live on a farm of any kind.

When May 1st hit we knew we would be getting baby "A" at anytime.  So we took a few family outing days because we knew life was about to change big time and it would be easier to get out and do these things with out a new born in the heat.

One Sunday we met Tim's parents at the Aquarium.  We have a membership there someone bought for our family.  It always makes for a nice outing.
My wonderful "Bigs" and "Middles"!!
"B" looking into a tank of fish and turtles.
"T" at the sturgeon tank.
My big guys!  You can tell the heat really bothers Antonio here.  He stays cheerful but just melts.
Sweet baby "K"!
My middles are very close to each other, all born a year apart!  So are very bonded!  Look how grown up!

I also took the children to the Chattanooga Zoo for the day.
"B" seeing a camel up close for the first time!
Trying to get a good shot of all them looking at me is soooo hard!
Hello Chimpanzee!
They rode the merry-go-round and William took the toddlers on the train.  He barely fit in the Caboose with them!

So... all is well and God is so good.  We are going to stay in for a few months.  No big plans.  A lot of our commitments are about to end for the summer.  Like Ballet.  The girls recital is next week.  So things should slow down and I won't have to leave the  house much.  Hopefully by the time we start schooling again new baby "A" will be in a nice predictable schedule!

Isaiah 26:12  Lord, thou wilt ordain peace for us: for thou also hast wrought all our works in us.

God be with you!




  1. It's so nice to see your family enjoy themselves before the big change. I enjoyed looking at the pictures. I'm glad to hear you are taking the summer off from home schooling. It's so important for us to enjoy this short season with a new baby. I bet the kids were happy to hear that they would be able to have the summer off. : ) We're thinking of you all daily. Take much care and may the Lord give you all just what you need! Say hello to everyone for us!

    1. Thank you Hadassah! You are so right. The first year in a babies life just flies by so cherishing these first few months is so important. The children are so happy to not have school this year again. This is only the second year we have ever done this. We did it last year as well as the toddlers were such a handful for me still and baby K had come. God is so good. I am tired but all is well. :)

  2. I LOVE B and T's curls!!! My Matthew had hair like that and for years I cut it in a mullet style to keep he back long and curly!!! I think he was 10 before I cut it quite short! We too have taken time off of homechooling when things were super busy. ((((HUGS))))

    1. Yes, they do have such beautiful hair!!! I have had to cut B's a few times as he still pulls his out and so it grows very uneven. T does pull his as well still at times but mostly from the back bottom. I just cant bring myself to cut it off or even trim it. Your Matthew has hair like that then you know how hard it is to cut the curls off! Their new baby sister has a head full of dark, thick wavy hair. So I think it will be curly like that as well. I bet you are super busy with your full house and your new motor home. It is beautiful. Praying for you always, Blessings!