Saturday, August 29, 2015

Three More Nichols!!!!!

I am overjoyed to announce the adoption of three of our foster children!  I feel so very humbled and blessed, to know that God would entrust us to raise these children as unto Him.  That God answered my earnest prayer, to raise more children, if it was His will.   To gift us the gift of these lives, into our family, to call our own forever.  That we are now and forever, family!

I no longer have to refer to them as "B", "T" and baby "K"!  I no longer have to hide their sweet faces!

Introducing Billy, Timothy and Kinsley!
Kinsley, Billy and Timothy!

This was before we went into the court house.
After we went to court, the first place we went was to meet Stephen for lunch to celebrate!  Then we took Billy, Timothy and Kinsley to the store to let them each pick out adoption day toys!

Billy had been wanting a farmer and animals for a while so he picked out this tractor and a Robot.
Timothy picked out two cars, two dinosaurs and a football.
Kinsley had never shown interest in dolls but grabbed this one and has not hardly put it down since.  She also picked out a stuffed giraffe that plays lullabies.

Since we were all dressed up I took some pictures.
Billy and Timothy.
William, Zeke, Carolyn and Elizabeth.
My grown ladies.
William and Zeke.
My "Bigs" and "Middles".
Happy new parents!
I am so very content and my heart beams with happiness in this event in our lives.  The miracle of how they came into our lives.  How far they have all come and who they are now, is such a testament to God and His faithfulness, mercy and grace.  That His Word is true and we can stand on it and believe. 

Thank you Dear God in Heaven for all you have done for our family.  May we always be as faithful to you as you are to us.  Amen!

Matthew 18:5  And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me.



  1. It is so good to see another wonderful post. Congratulations! Billy, Timothy and Kinsley, you have such an opportunity for a good life with your new daddy and mommy. It's so good to see their smiley faces. I am so happy for you all!!! What a day to remember. : ) I am happy for you Susan. Our love to you all!

    1. Thank you Hadassah! We could not be more pleased and happy. God has blessed us mightily! Praying for you and your family! Blessings!

  2. I love that the adoption is final for your three littles. Such a huge blessing for all of you!

    1. Thank you so much Dannette! We are so grateful to have them in our family. Only have one foster baby now. It is half sibling to the toddlers. She just turned four months old. We are blessed,

  3. BEAUTIFUL!! BEAUTIFUL! BEAUTIFUL! I am crying tears of JOY! Now you have a Tim Jr. ;o) Do you have two "William"s now? Is Billy's given name William too? (my favorite name! my grandfathers name was William)

    1. Thank you and big hug! We have waited so long for this. We wanted what the Lord wanted in these cases...but when we saw the terminations happening we just wanted adoption to take place as soon as possible. Glory to God! We are so blessed to have them with us. We actually did Timothy Jr. for little Timmy after my husband! My husband could not be more thrilled. And yes! We do now have two Williams in the house. But we use Billy for one and William for the other. I love the name William as well. My William is named after my dad and my brother. We now only have one foster child in our home. Baby "A". When her case comes to a close we are going to close our home to foster care. We can't wait. Love and blessing to you all!

    2. I am so HAPPY for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!