Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fun Photos!

We have been very busy lately but have been able to get out in the nice fall weather and enjoy some of the things going on in our area.

A local church had a fall festival that we took the children to.  The weather was just wonderful. 

They had a swing ride for the very young children.  Timothy loved it!

They had several blow up slides and bounce houses for them to enjoy.

William, Carolyn and Elizabeth only had one thing on their mind.  The Cake Walk.  We try not to eat a whole lot of sweets and they wanted to bring home a cake and figured the odds were in their favor, if they all participated.  William wanted to carry Kinsley around a bit, so she got to do the cake walk with him.  They did end up with a cake by the way!  :)

Some very nice young men saw me with Antonio.  They asked, if they found a way to get him up onto the hay ride, could he go?  Antonio was so excited.  They got four strong guys together, took some of the hay bales off and lifted up Antonio, in his chair, onto the hay ride.  It made his day!  Bless those men really well oh Lord!
Antonio is doing better over all.  He has good days and harder days, where he does not feel strong and sleeps a lot but over all is improving slowly.  It is so good to hear him talk and that smile, its back most days and warms me through and through.  Tim and William sat by him to keep him safe.

Carolyn said she had never been on a hay ride before, so was excited as well.

The very same day was the yearly antique engine and tractor show.  We try to go every year.

The girls by the pink Farmall.

Timothy being his cute self.

The big guys.  :)  They love looking at all the antique engines and jonny poppers.  It is so interesting and ingenious how things were done in the past.

We took Timothy to the Chattanooga Aquarium for his birthday, so here are a few pictures from that day.  My sweet little boys.

When Billy gets tired of walking, he climbs up into Antonio's lap to rest a bit.  Antonio loves it.  It has been a long while since he had siblings climbing into his lap for a hug or to sit a spell. He is enjoying having littles around again.  Antonio is a great big brother.

My ladies!

Zeke had a butterfly land on him in the butterfly room.

My sweet Kinsley in the penguin exhibit.  A miracle of God...she walked through almost the whole aquarium with someone holding her hand!

William with the river behind him.
It feels so good to get out and do some things as a family again.  Here's hoping for fewer appointments over the next many months and some restful days at home.

May God be with you as you live and grow in Him.  May He lead and guide you in all you do, helping you do His work all the days of your life.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.




  1. Oh it all looks so fun! I wish I was there with you all. I love doing stuff like that. : ) I am glad to see you all had a good refreshing. How wonderful! Say hello to everyone for us!

    1. I wish you lived closer as well. It would be fun to do things like that together. :) It was a very nice day for us all. Blessings!

  2. Oh my goodness!! What a beautiful post! So much JOY that it brought tears to my eyes! God Bless those men for including Antonio! And Antonio you are such a wonderful big brother!! (William too ;o) It took me 3 years to win a cake at the Church cake walk!! LOL!! I ended up buying so many tickets the last try that I "bought" the cake! LOL!! But I wanted a cake sooooooo bad! My mom never baked!! LOL! I bake quite a bit- but we eat flourless cakes!!
    Thank You for sharing, it just warms my heart to see y'all!!
    ((((((((HUGS))))))))))) and prayers :o)

    1. Thank you Elizabeth! I also love seeing the pictures you post and how tender your older children, in the home, are with your younger ones as well. So precious. This church has a fall festival every year and we try to go. My children always try hard to win a cake at the cake walk. It has become their yearly thing there. God is so good that the simple things in life make them so happy. Both those outings were free to the public and they had such a wonderful time. And we have seasons passes to the aquarium. So we try to do simple fun inexpensive things with them all. Hugs back and many blessings!

  3. Thank you for the update and also so good to see Antonio's beautiful smile. So glad those guys got him on the hay ride...God has His people out there .... it's like that Newsboys song about being "His hands and His feet."... and they were that day for Antonio. :)

    1. I think of you and your family often! God bless!