Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Forever Family

The Bible says that children are a blessing from the Lord.  It commands us to care for the widows and orphans of this world.  Adoption is near and dear to Gods heart.  After all...His only son died, so I could be adopted into His Kingdom and family.  I am forever grateful.

There are so many children around the world that are orphans.  So many children who need homes and the security of a forever family.  I look at there pages often, to remind me of the urgent plight.  To remind me to advocate and to pray.  I have literally watched children grow up, over the years, on these waiting lists.  There picture being updated every few years as they grow and wait.  Many knowing their time is running out to be adopted.  The "aging out" age for each country is different.  Many of these children pray to be adopted.  Pray for a mom and dad to love them and come and get them.  Many have watched their friends being chosen around them, over the years....Sometimes the biggest hurdle for a child, is to be the one that is chosen.  Often because of their age or because of a special need they might have, they are over looked time and time again. 


Here is the plight and prayer of one child. Annie. Her urgent story.  She has been waiting and waiting.  She has now been chosen!  But if the family that has chosen her does not get the funding in the next few weeks she will age out and nothing can be done.  Please join with us, in prayer and support, in any way we can, to help Brian and Stephanie Carpenter bring Annie home, before the door is closed for her forever.

Please take the time to share Annie's story on any social media you have access to.  It will mean the world of difference to this child and family.  It will be the difference between having a forever family and never having one.  Ever.

Their youcaring page...

May God bless you 100 fold for your faithfulness.




  1. Oh, you did this so good.... so much better than I. Bless your heart!!!

    1. Everyone sharing this was led by God and helped do their part. :) Glory to God! You did great! Blessings!