Saturday, April 1, 2017

Happy Spring! 4/2017

Spring has sprung and we have been spending a large amount of time outside.  Summer is too hot and humid for my children with special  needs to be outside and winter to cold.  Spring and fall are our "get outside" and enjoy the weather months!

It has been so nice to see things green!
We had such a long, harsh, drought last year, things were brown, dead and dying for months.  We have gotten a lot of rain this winter but our water table is still not up to where it should be for this time of year.  There is a hay shortage around here because people had to feed hay to their livestock all summer and winter last year.
There was no grass.  There was no second cutting of hay either.  Everything just turned to dust and blew away.  This year I am stocking our barn with hay early, just in case.  :)
We are preparing all the raised grow beds for planting.  Lots of weeding to do!

Speaking of weather...on March 3rd we had a terrible hail storm in our area.  Carolyn and I were out in the barn when it hit.  It was terrifying.  We prayed fervently for safety.  It was the largest hail I had ever witnessed in my whole life.  We found many pieces that were tennis ball sized but most were the size of a peach.  Here is a picture taken of a few next to a quarter.
It did a lot of damage in our whole area.  Everyone's roofs in our area needed to be replaced, as well as our house siding.  Our is vinyl siding and it was cracked, pitted and full of holes.  Others had aluminum siding and it was dented terribly.  Our vehicles were also dented and the mirrors were broken off Williams truck.  The chicken coop windows were broken, as well as some windows down at my dads house.  (We live on the same piece of property)  It made us all think of the scripture in Revelation 16 that describes the hail storm that will one day happen with hail stones weighing 100 pounds each...Lord help us.

Tim and I both had birthdays recently.  We are the same age and born about a month apart.  We celebrated by spending the day together alone!  It was so nice.  I am so blessed to have Tim as my husband.  Tim's health has stabilized and he is doing well.  He has to eat a special diet for his kidneys and make sure he gets enough rest.  He still needs to put on some more weight but is doing well.  God is so good!

Anna-Kate, our youngest, is getting to be such a big girl.
She used to carry around a burp cloth with her where ever she went and a stuffed Kermit the frog.  Now she only needs them when she goes to sleep at night.  She will not go down without them.  The Kermit always looks like he has this huge smile and is having the best time.  Often when I do my rounds to check on the children for the night, Kermit is in hilarious positions that crack us all up.  I never pose him.  It is just where he happens to be from her rolling around in her bed.  Here are a few of his pictures.  Hope they make you smile like they do us.
Caught, up and playing when he should have been sleeping!
Hi-ho Kermit the happy pillow!
Squished Kermit.  :)
He has her foot in his mouth.
They are too funny!

Here is a silly snail I have in one of my salt water tanks.  He has a long black rubbery trunk that he cleans around in my tank with like a vacuum.  His eyes are up on two long stalks.  He is looking at the camera as I took this picture of him.  God sure made some interesting creatures.  For those children who like to google what things are, he is a Tiger Fighting Conch.

I love to garden and nurture things.  It is a huge part of stress relief for me.  The children and I garden outside.  Here is Carolyn's lemon tree named John.  Its her first lemon.  :)

I have fish tanks and large fish bowls all over our home.  Gardening in them is a very relaxing hobby for me.  I will leave you with a picture of the one by my desk in the kitchen.  It is a 3 gallon Walstad bowl.  It has plants, a few shrimp, a zebra nerite snail, two dwarf cory catfish and a few Chili Rasboras in it.  Very fun to watch while working at my desk, doing the tons of paper work, that come with having a home full of wonderful children, with special needs.  :)

James 1:2-3  My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations;  Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience.




  1. Happy Spring!!! So lovely to see the picture of you and your husband, I always like to see your smiley face! Not so good to see that hail, now that is horribly scary. : ( I am glad you all didn't get hurt though your vehicles and other things did. Bless you all and have a wonderful Spring!

    1. Happy Spring to you as well! Cant wait to hear and see you all settled into your new place. Blessings to you all!