Thursday, September 12, 2013

Amazingly Busy Week

We have had such a busy week.  All I can say is I can't wait till the weekend so I can rest a bit.  Ok, rest a lot.  :)

When I did my post on the triple bunk beds, I did not share with everyone that we had a horrible respiratory virus go thru that week.  So as I was working on the beds, I was also diligently working with Antonio and Elizabeth.  To keep it from turning into pneumonia.  Lots of breathing treatments and love.  Praise God they are doing well now.  Also, Tim had it very badly.  He never comes home from work sick and came home Labor Day.  He was still struggling with it on Friday, so I took him in to see his doctor and get him antibiotics and a shot.  Tim has Addisons Disease so we have to watch his health as carefully as Antonio's and Elizabeth's.  Those three always get things the hardest it seems. 

Now that everyone is better, things have not slowed down one bit!  The girls started back to ballet this week. Here they are waiting for their class to start.
Back inside the studio they love where their class takes place.
Talk about two very excited young ladies.  Putting on their ballet shoes!
They both love ballet so much and it is something that they can do and feel good about.  God is so good!  There class is very large this year.  Lots of opportunity to talk to other little girls.  :) 

Every year when the fair comes to town they have a morning they open (Wednesdays) just for seniors citizens, home schoolers, preschoolers and people with special needs.  Everything is free or at a greatly reduced cost.  So Tim took off today and we suprised the kids and took them to the fair.

They had such a great time.
Antonio could just not contain himself.  He was so cute!  He loved seeing his siblings riding the rides and  just truly enjoyed the day.

William and the girls rode the rides as Antonio can not and Zeke is terrified of amusement parks.  Zeke did have some anxiety while there.  He was very tense when the kids actually were on the rides but all in all did very well at the fair today.  We kept his mind off everything pretty much with buying him a lot of food all morning.   He is a serious eater and he ate fries, popcorn and a lot of fair type food as we took the others around to ride rides.  None of the very scary rides are in operation on this day.  So it was easier on him. 
 I am so glad my children have each other.

Tim, Zeke and Antonio!

William took Elizabeth down the big slide.  We have to be very careful what rides we let Elizabeth ride because of her heart and low muscle tone.  She loves the slides.  The taller the better!

My happy man Antonio!  He is this joyous 99% of the time.  You just can't help but love him and smile back.  His smile will always brighten my day.  You can see a bit of Zeke in the back round of this picture.  That is what his face looks like all the time.  Very serious or flaccid unless I ask him to smile.  It usually takes a lot of pictures of him to catch one that looks like a real smile.  I take a lot and delete a whole lot.  :) 

 Having fun in the fun house!  Silly kids always cutting up!
I know this picture is a bit blurry but I love Elizabeth's tongue in this one.  Her determination is tenacious.  Walking thru this spinning barrel with her cerebral palsy.  Quite the challenge.  She did it many times and loved it. 

The swings!

The Snow-bobs.  The kids rode all of the rides numerous times.  

Antonio with a little bear one of the people running a midway game gave to him.  It made his day!

I would bore you with all the pictures of rides they rode.  They had such a wonderful morning.  The weather was cool for Antonio so he did not get sick from the heat.  Zeke was able to handle the anxiety of it all with out any major melt downs!  Carolyn only had two freak out moments on us but was able to pull it back together again. (she is literally terrified of clowns and a few were walking around.  We try to avoid them at all cost but can't always miss them all.  If she sees one she cries uncontrollably and will literally try to climb you if they get to close.)  So everyone had a fun time and we actually didn't have to take anyone out of the park because of a melt down!  Yipee!  God is so good.  Tim being there with me was such a huge help.  I am so blessed with that man.  He is a great dad!

The kids on some spinning thing.
Waiting to get on the Farris Wheel.

On this special morning at the fair it is only open from 9-12 but the kids were very tired out and had a great time.  I love spending down time together as a family.  Watching my kids enjoy themselves just blesses this mama's heart so much.  The simple pleasures of life really are the best.  God is so good, always.

Psalm 16:11  Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.



  1. Thank you for posting pics! What a fun time you all had! I love the pics of Anthony's big smile. He has a such a beautiful smile. I'm glad he has such a sweet family.

  2. Nicole, I agree! Antonio's smile is wonderful. He smiles like that all the time. Such a happy young man. It blesses this mama's heart. Thank you for taking the time to encourage us! Blessings!

  3. Awe... sorry I didnt read this post sooner! How fun!!!! I was especially impressed with all the green grass in the pictures. Our fair is on.the black asphalt of one of the big arenas in town so black top is all you ever see in our pictures. You have a gorgeous family!

  4. Thanks cindie. We live in the North Georgia Mountains so that is considered the Deep South. We have a fairly long growing season and things stay pretty green for a lot of the year. We can even have a winter garden and grow kale and a few other cold tolerant foods. Fescue grass grows from February till November. So unless we have a drought and it burns out in the summer, I only have to buy hay to feed livestock for a short part of the year. It can get pretty cold here though. But it never stays for very long. We have a nice mix of seasons. I love it.