Thursday, November 14, 2013

William and Zeke in Lego Land!!!

Zeke's birthday is this month and William and Zeke LOVE Lego's.  This is Williams Lego room.

This is Zeke's Lego/train table. With Williams autism comes extreme organization and with Zeke's comes messy chaos.  Every child is different I guess.  Bless his heart. 

My wonderful sister decided to surprise William and Zeke for Zeke's birthday and both of their Christmas presents to take them to Lego Land Atlanta.'s post is written by William about their day out with Aunt S.  It is very picture intensive.  Just a heads up. :)

Below is Williams Post

I woke up and jumped out of my bed and quickly got all my chores done so excited for the day.  I yanked everyone out of bed because I knew about the surprise that was going to take place this day.  I scarfed down my breakfast and got all my stuff ready.  Then my mom yelled Aunt S. is here and right on time.  I grabbed my book bag and went out the door with my brother Zeke.

Zeke didn't want to be told about where we were going.  Last week when Aunt S. told mom about the surprise, mom asked if we wanted to know about where she was taking us.  I said yes so she told me when we were alone.  Zeke wanted it to be a surprise.  I could not believe it!

After driving all around in Atlanta we finally made it to Phipps Plaza where they had Lego Land Discovery  Center.  After we found a parking space and went up four escalators we were there.
We went in and when Aunt S. was giving the people the tickets Zeke and I went over to look at this neat Lego statue.
Zeke said it was interesting.

We walked into this waiting room to take the factory tour. Here a picture of the new Lego movie that is coming out.  Zeke is in the middle on the back row.
Then we walked into the Lego factory tour.

Here's a machine that takes small plastic beads and brings them up to the melting machine.

This machine in the picture above melts the plastic beads.  The machine in the picture below shapes the melted plastic into bricks!

Below are two statues made out of Lego's that we saw on the tour.

Then we went into MiniLand.  This is a small replica of Atlanta done in Legos!
Here is a whole bunch of pictures I took.
The state capitol with the gold dome.
 Turner Field with the Atlanta Braves.

 The Varsity. 
Stone Mountain!

Here is a picture of Me and Zeke building a race car. 
Zeke being so helpful to me.
Here is a picture of Zeke showing me his car.
 He said it is called a six wheel car.
And this is my car.  We were supposed to build a car to race against each other on a track that was there.
 Here's the race track.

Then we went to have a personal session with a master Lego builder!
We learned to build a sphere.

Here are some pictures on the wall I found very interesting on my way to the bathroom.

Here's us going to watch the show at the 4D Theatre.

Here we are in our 4D glasses.

We ate at the Lego restaurant and shopped at the store next to it all.  We had fun!

Here is the things that I bought.  Below is the Fire Brigade.  The robot is Kai's Fire Mech.

Zeke bought a train station and the Palace Cinema. 

Thank you Uncle B and Aunt S for doing this for us for our presents and for Aunt S for taking us down for the day.

Thank you for reading my post.  I hope there are some Lego fans out there that are reading this!




  1. Oh WOW!!! That looks amazing! Joe and I went to Brick City in Niagara Falls but that was NOTHING compared to this. I love Legos!!! Looks like you guys had a great time. William, you are going to be as good of a writer as your mom. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you so much. My mom helped me a little bit on the typing. We had a fun time. From William

  3. oh wow william!!! what an exciting adventure you had with zeke at lego land. My boys Obadiah and Ezra looked at all your pictures and they a LOVED everything that you showed them and talked about. They love legos too and were excited to hear what you had to say. Im so happy you had fun. Thank you for sharing with us these fun adventures.

  4. Hello Cindie, I am glad your boys enjoyed the pictures. Maybe some day you can take your boys there. They will like it. We had fun. From William