Saturday, January 18, 2014

Winter - Freezing and Flooding

We have had the most unsusal weather this winter.  It has been quite cold.  We even had temperatures down to 4 degrees one night.  After that spell of very cold night temperatures we had a tremendous amount of rain which has resulted in flooding.  We live in the mountains but up in a dip or valley.  So when it rains in the spring we get everyones excess run off.  We have two dry creekbeds down each side of the property that only run in the spring when we have excessive rain.  If we really have alot of rain we will actually get a huge creek running right down the middle of our property as well.

We usually only have this kind of flooding in the spring but are experiancing it this winter.  We are quite soggy right now and the temperatures are still getting down to around freezing most nights and lower in the twenties some nights.  I guess this winter is going to be remembered by us as very cold and wet.  If you wish to see more pictures of the flooding you can see them here on a farm blog post.

Most days this winter have been over cast, often with rain or drizzle.  We have enjoyed it when we get a few warmer sunny days thrown in here or there.  William and dad cut firewood on those days and the kids can get outside for a little while to play. 

I am looking forward to spring when things will green up a bit and we will have more sunny days than rainy days.

But we enjoy and love all seasons around here.  Winter is such a season of rest for us.  In winter we have no baby farm animals to tend to.  No gardens to plan, plant or weed.  We have no vegetables to use up quick, can or freeze.  So really this is our down time and we are loving it.

This is the time of year that I have free time.  I mean really, times I can not work outside and the inside is fine.  So in the winter months I bake and cook a lot.  I sometimes read with the kids and do projects.

Now that we have gotten past the holidays, the flu that went thru and Elizabeths hospital stay... things have settled into a nice, boring quiet.   :)

God is so good to us no matter the weather or season.  Thank you God for this time of year.

Ecclesiastes 3:1  To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:


May God be your high tower in your storms and your place of rest in all struggles.  May you always know that He is near as He never leaves us nor forsakes us.





  1. Thank you cindie! We have always felt very blessed that God provided this place for my parents and that my dad has allowed us to live here all these years. It is a wonderful place to raise children for sure. Blessings to you and your family in your warm part of the country!

  2. Southern CA..we are having an unusually warm winter with no rain at's very strange. It's been in the 80s and no rain for the whole month of January. Hmm..perhaps CA is being judged. I wish we had some of your rain-and the cold (although perhaps not THAT cold!) :)

  3. Wow! We had three years like that in a row, several years back. Where we had no rain for months on end. All of our grass burned up and I had to buy hay to feed our livestock all summer long those years. The ground was so dry it had cracks in it as wide as my finger. Will be praying for your situation. The whole earth is groaning for the coming of the Lord. We will keep laboring for Him and praying till He comes! Praying for your family and sweet one to come. Blessings!