Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The New Game Plan for Elizabeth

Yesterday, William had an orthodontist appointment to check the progress of his teeth with his retainer.

While there, I also had a long conversation with the orthodontist about Elizabeth.  I shared with him all we went thru over the holidays and all my concerns about Elizabeth.  Tim and I have prayed about it, for wisdom, as to if we should leave her braces on or have them removed after the huge scare we had over Christmas holiday.  Also that the orthodontist would have wisdom to direct us what to do.

At the end of the conversation we all agree that there is to much of a risk to her heart to leave her braces on her teeth.  There is just more increased risk for infection to happen again and with her fragile condition with her heart the risk is just too great.

So this is the new game plan.  She will be having her braces removed this month.  We will be sure to give her an antibiotic an hour before they are removed.   She will be fitted with invisalign braces to wear from here on out.

Every time she is going to use the water pick, floss or brush her teeth, she is to rinse her mouth with good old fashioned Listerine to kill as much of the germ load in her mouth as possible.  All of these things together should decrease dramatically the chance of this happening again.

I am once again very humbled by the grace of God...just very grateful to God.  Grateful that Elizabeth is ok.  This whole situation could have turned out very badly.  We are all grateful that the bacteria did not seed in her heart valves or heart muscle.  Glory to God!  That we have a great pediatrician, heart team and caring and understanding orthodontist that is going to work with us to get Elizabeth's teeth and palate into good alignment and function while cutting down on the risk of this ever happening again.  Bless him good Lord and all the wonderful ladies that are working in that office.  All of them are so encouraging and uplifting every time we go in.  

On the home front...everyone is over the flu and we are working on getting back into a good routine again.

Did I mention it was cold!!!! Last night it was 5 degrees!!!  The pool is frozen and there is ice on the pond.
 Our cat, Skunk, enjoying sunning himself on the back porch in the Sunny Deep South! Yes, a balmy 24 degrees right now!

I know, I know, I get no sympathy from my friend D in Calgary or S in Michigan.  But we just are not used to these types of temperatures.  It is supposed to only get to 26 today and down to 11 tonight.  Burrr.

Carolyn keeps her dog, Princess bundled up when it is cold outside.

Zeke carries his dog just about everywhere he goes so she stays plenty warm.

All of the barn animals waters are frozen so we have to keep on top of making sure they have water.  We go out three times a day to break ice and fill water buckets.   Also, we make sure all the animals have adequate areas to bed down out of the cold.  We have a heat lamp on the bunny in the barn and in two of our dog houses.  We do have one old barn cat that the other cats will not let into the barn.  She is 15 years old.  So I caught her and put her on our inclosed front porch in a dog kennel for a few days.  She is not happy about it but she is warm.  I will let her out tomorrow when the temperatures are supposed to be a bit better.

I brought in the two young bucklings out of the field for this cold snap and made them a warm barn stall.  Pacer, the one that had Goat Polio and lived, still went down in this cold weather.  He has always been a bit weaker since his sick spell last fall.  When we were breaking ice and watering the animals this afternoon we found him down.  He was fine this morning.  Ran right up to eat his grain.  Sigh.  I hate this part of farming.  Right now we have him in a tub of warm water trying to get his core temperature up.  Inside his mouth is cold and that is not a good thing at all.  Usually they are not going to make it when that happens.  We are doing our best for him. 

It is to cold to hang laundry outside so the kids hang their laundry in the house by the wood stove.

The children have also been busying themselves with indoor things.  Both of the girls have been playing with the looms they bought with their holiday money.  They make lots of bracelets on them using tiny colored rubber bands.  It is actually very good for them.  Good therapy to have to learn to follow the directions to get them to turn out properly.
 One of Elizabeth's creations.
Carolyn is getting quite a collection!

Antonio loves playing his V-smile game system.  Blues Clues and Winnie-the-Pooh are his favorites!
Yes, that is paint and tile on his desk.  Antonio has set me to a new project for him.  He has saved his money up for a lizard and wants a leopard gecko.  So I am building a habitat for him before he gets one.  Antonio is having fun supervising the whole project.  I will blog about it once it is finished!

William has been busying himself in his spare time with his legos.  He is building a rescue helicopter.   He said this is the test model.

Gods many blessing be upon you as you live, learn and grow in Him!

Philippians 4:19 - But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. 



  1. Well I missed your first post about Elizabeth but went back and read it today. You sure had a rocky Christmas holiday! Hugs and prayers and so glad you caught it in time. Invisalign are expensive, but certainly a good call for Elizabeth. Hope everyone is feeling better soon. Happy New Year!!!
    P.S. I just love that you named that cat Skunk! It is a perfect name for his coloring!!!

    1. Thanks Julie! It has been a busy and ruff few weeks. We are getting our footing once again and God has been good as always. I see His hand of help and provission at every turn. I pray all is well with you and yours. Many blessings!

  2. well it looks like I emailed you before reading your blog again......i have got to make a habit of reading your blog before I hit "send" on those emails.... ha ha..... sorry you have to double type everything.... silly me.
    I too love that you named your cat skunk. :-)

    1. I actually posted this after you wrote! I always love hearing from you, dont think twice about hitting send! Send away my friend! That cat showed up as a stray several years ago. The kids kept coming in the house every day afraid saying their was a skunk under the chicken coop. It was afraid when it showed up and stayed up under the coop for days. Its dark under there and he looked like a skunk to them. So when he finally was hungry enough to come out and see how friendly we were we saw it was a very scared little cat. The kids have always just called him Skunk because they thought he was one! Blessings!