Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Night At The Fair!

Here in the North Georgia Mountains, with fall comes... festivals, Pumpkin Patches, hay rides, apple farms and the fair!  We have not been to the fair in a while but I knew our youngest four had never been to one.  So I had it in my heart to take Billy and also some of the other children, as a reward for all the hard work we have been doing lately.  We have been very busy and have a lot going on, so I did not know if I would have the energy or time to take some of the children to it.  It was definitely a spur of the moment decision.  Tim stayed home with the babies and Elizabeth, as Elizabeth is on restriction and Zeke, as he is terrified of amusement parks and fairs.  I took Antonio, William and his friend "J", Carolyn, Billy and Timothy.  I was not planning on taking Timothy but all thru dinner, I kept trying to encourage Billy to eat fast and told him I was taking him somewhere special if he ate quickly. I guess Timmy thought I meant him too, as he ate his dinner in record time and kept saying "bye, bye now?"  How could I not take him too?  :)

Antonio loves going to the fair.  He loves watching everyone ride the rides.  He enjoys the petting farm and eating a little bit of fair food.  His favorite is cotton candy!  Carolyn wanted to go so bad but was very worried someone might accidentally bump her in the mouth.  She decided to come along anyways, just to see the sights, as she could not chance riding any rides.  Even though she still could not smile much yet, she had a very good time.

Billy and Timothy had a wonderful time.  I stayed in the kiddie section with them for most of the time.  They had a great selection of rides for their age group.

William and his friend "J" had a great time.  They would go ride some wild rides together for a while and then come back and take the toddlers on a few rides that needed an adult with them.  I don't ride rides.  It messes up my balance for a few days.  So I was grateful they gladly did this.
They made it a lot of fun.

Carolyn and I took Antonio and the toddlers to the petting farm area.  They had a ball feeding all the animals.

Billy and Timothy had a camel ride.  Billy is very ruff in all he does.  Even his love.  :)

As the sun set and it got late, Antonio, Billy and Timothy began to show how tired they were, from staying up past their bedtimes.  Antonio's eyes look tired in the picture below.
I brought the double stroller in case the toddlers fell asleep but they didn't till we put them in their car-seats.  Then they were out!

Thank you Lord for the funds and energy to take the children out to make this memory.

John 16:33  These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.





  1. We used to try to do these things but my driving is limited now. I don't do rides either, I just never liked them. When I was 16 my friends treated me to every ride at the shopping mall parking lot as a going away present. We were moving 60 miles away. I told them "I hate rides!!" But this was their gift. I rode every ride fearing for my life. I have to laugh about it now! The kids are so sweet! ((((((((HUGS)))))))))

  2. Wow! What an experience. Even if it was a gift I don't know if I could ride the rides. You were very kind to brave it for them! Many blessings on you all!