Saturday, March 5, 2016

Wonderful Weather. Its Almost Spring!

Things have slowed down considerably the last two weeks.  Everyone has been healthy, no extra appointments and we have been able to have whole days at home.  It has been so nice to say the least.  I know it won't last long, so I am trying to really enjoy it and get some outside work done.

I spent one afternoon trimming back the vines on the grape arbors, while Carolyn watched the children play outside.  Billy came down to watch for a while.  We have started him on some supplements and he is a LOT calmer.  He is still a very active little boy but not as hyper and impulsive as he was.  He still needs to be supervised every waking moment.  We are still working with him on his emotional issues and hurting other children.  By the grace of God he has come soooo far.  I love his constant questions and desire to learn.  He is never still.  He is never quiet.  I love this little man!

Last year, Kinsley was to young to play on the play ground.  She spent most of her time, while outside, in the baby swing.  This year she wants to explore and play, which is wonderful but I can see we are going to have to get her a helmet or some light head protection, for when she plays outside.  She has very low muscle tone (hypotonic cerebral palsy) and brain/vision issues, she falls on the uneven ground about every forth or fifth step.  She hits her head pretty hard on things regularly while outside.  I was surprised at this lack of balance, as she has been doing so well in the house, on a flat surface with her walking and getting around.  She is a miracle and is doing great but needs a lot more practice walking around outside.

Our very, loyal, farm/guardian dog, Yellow, spends his days laying by and guarding our goats and ponies.  He has matured a lot this last year and rarely does anything wrong or puppyish anymore.  If the children are outside playing, he changes gears, lays by them or follows them around guarding them.  He is a big lug but a great dog.
There is a gentle hill between two pastures, going down from the play ground, to the edge of our property.  The children love to ride their toys down that hill.
Not so much fun lugging their tricycles back up the hill.
I love the smell of the children, when I hug them, once they have played outside.  So fresh.  Here are my sweet growing boys!
Billy is getting the hang of peddling!
Timothy is also on many supplements right now to try to help his autism.  He is also doing so much better.  We saw an improvement right away in his area of language.  He started to speak in sentences and take notice of his nose needed blowing and tell us.  He also has told us a couple of times he had to go potty! YEAH!  This is after a year of faithful potty training with NO progress.  He also now is interested in watching a movie and can talk about the plot.   He seems to be able to think more clearly now as well.  God is so good.  Still a long way to go but doing so very well. 

Here is a recent picture of them together.  They are not referred to as the toddlers anymore!  Such big boys!

I know things look busy and hard here sometimes and to be honest, at times, it really is or can be... but the happy times sure outweigh the hard or bad.  The daily miracles and progress encourage and uplift us.  We feel so blessed and content in life.  God is so faithful.

May the Lord God of Israel...the One True and Only God, Maker of heaven and with you in all you go through, leading and guiding you along the way.  May He bless you this spring and the whole year through, as you live and grow in Him.

Song of Solomon 2:11-12  For, lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone;  The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land;




  1. Yellow is a stunning boy! What a gift from God! I always love seeing him! My MA and SP are the same way as Kinsley, they are sure footed in the house, but have fallen easily outside on un-even ground. Its worse as they've aged too. I've noticed they don't "lift" their feet. Hopefully Kinsley will learn how to "balance". With my neuro falling it's from being unable to "feel" where my foot is!!
    The kids are so sweet. Work at home is so fulfilling. My hardship comes from my prodigals who choose to disrupt our giving God the Glory. When I was a younger mom I thought the "world" was disrupting, I had no idea.
    But I digress! Such a blessing to see these happy joyful faces!! God IS GOOD!! ((((HUGS))))

    1. Yellow is a very big boy. He got into a lot of mischief as a puppy but has mellowed into a very good farm guardian. If you cant feel your feet I can really understand why your large service dogs are so helpful for you to lean on. I am very content and happy caring for our children. I prefer to be home though as it is so hard to get out. I have to plan and bring so many things when I go out. God is so good. I pray this year has fewer appointments and many days at home. Blessings!

  2. What a nice post to see! I love being able to see the kid's faces this year now that they are yours! : ) They all look healthy and happy and like they are having fun. It sure looks like Spring down there... it's rainy today and this week up North here. Have a wonderful week. Glad you are feeling rested.

    1. Thank you Hadassah! The weather has been gorgeous! We took the week off from school so we could just work outside and let the children enjoy these pleasant days. I have neglected so much outside work the last two years, since having so many babies arrive here. God has helped me get some much needed clean up, fix up and projects done. Elizabeth and I built two retaining walls yesterday! God is so good!