Saturday, June 11, 2016

Williams Bug-A-Paluza Post

I am sooo behind on post and sharing what has been going on in our life.  We have had one and two appointments a day lately, preparing for Elizabeth's back surgery.  Also, ballet recitals, others doctors appointments and things we have been doing, squeezed in here and there.

Today, I am going to finally get Williams Bug-A-Paluza post in for him. 

Tim and William go away for the weekend once a year, every year.  They both look forward to it and deserve it.  They save, plan and always have such a wonderful time.

Every year when they leave, I am humbled and reminded how much they do around here. It is often a very long three days for me, as I am here alone caring for all the children and farm.  God is so good and carries me though and the guys get a much deserved break and vacation, making happy memories.

They always go bowling on the first night they are there.

 They always eat out at Waffle House a few times!  We don't eat out much so it is a treat!

They always have fun looking at all the VW Bugs, Vanagons and Things.  (The last one is a car's name by the way!)

William always take LOTS of pictures.  He said he thinks he took about 1000 this trip.  I told him he had to narrow it down to his favorites for this post.  :)

 A shortened Vanagon.

They had the best of times and came back refreshed and sun burnt as always!

Thank you God for these wonderful hard working men in my life.  For their godly example and daily support.  Bless them and be with them all the days of their life.

1 Corinthians 16:13  Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong.


  1. Oh how wonderful.Thank You for sharing! What beautiful memories!! Just think 20 years ago 1,000 pictures would have meant rolls of film!!

    Just recently our little G had his last day of school. I was terrified at the thought of Tom taking one of the kids or the gals to an appointment miles away leaving me here with G plus caring the rest. It's hard enough to be responsible for the others, but add G to the mix? I feared it could be impossible! To top it off the County said we could not get him the 5 hours PCA help they promised.
    Oh ye (me) of little faith! G has been an angel each time Tom has left to take a child/gal and been gone for the day. How could I have doubted that God would not take care of this need? Praise God!! Praise God!!
    ((((((((HUGS)))))))) and much love to all!

    1. God helps me every day but especially on those days when I have more to do then normal and wonder how I am going to do it or get it all done. God always has been so faithful! All the glory to Him! So encouraging to hear how He helps you faithfully as well. Our faithful God!

  2. It looks like they had lots of fun. William is sure changing this year... he's starting to look more like a man rather than a teenager. I'm so glad your husband's health was good enough to be able to go and enjoy these few days together with William. That is so kind and giving of you to let them go and enjoy some time together. Nice pictures William!

    1. Yes, I see it in William as well. He has grown up fast and in a few days will be 20! Amazing to me. God is so good, Always!