Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sequoyah Caverns Trip!

My sister had read in a news paper article that Sequoyah Caverns will be closing  and not be doing tours anymore after being open for 49 years.   They will be closing very soon, so my sister decided to plan a trip to take all that wanted to go, one last time and see the beauty of the caves, on the Ellis Homestead, in Valley Head Alabama.

The trip date finally arrived this past Saturday.  She came and picked up those going from my crew, William, Carolyn, Zeke and Elizabeth.  Also my sister-in-law and her daughter went as well.  Antonio and I stayed home and had a fun and very quiet I might add, time here at home watching movies.  All of the pictures today were taken by William on their fun outing with their aunts and cousin.   I will spare you the 280 pictures he gave to me to post that were in his file and just touch on the highlights!  :)

They left here in the North Georgia Mountains around 9:30 and headed to Alabama.  Here is one happy Zeke goofing around with William on their way.
They passed a lot of beautiful scenery.

  Are we there yet!!!!
Actually they were just being silly together passing the time. :)

The kids were all excited.  They arrived!!

The walk to the caves and entrance.

I think it is so cute that Zeke and Carolyn hold hands every where they go.  They are very close in age and always have done this, since they were very small.  They call themselves" the twins".  :)

They toured the caverns and saw some really wonderful formations.  But Zeke said he didn't see Batman.  After all it was not the Batcave.

After the tour of the caverns they had a picnic lunch on the premises with a local peacock.  I guess he snatched a piece of granola bar out of my sisters fingers!

Then they walked around a bit on the property and saw this cool cabin and way cool old Farmall Tractor.

When they got home, Antonio was over joyed to see them again.  We missed them so much even if it was just for a day!

Thank you Lord for keeping my family safe as they went away for the day.  Thank you for helping them make happy family memories that they will never forget. 

And a thank you to Aunt S for taking her time to plan a wonderful day trip away before the caverns closed. For planning a wonderful picnic to take with them and for making their time away so special. :)  Hugs!

Psalm 91:11  For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.

May the Lord God in heaven bless you and keep you in all you do.



  1. oh wow, those caverns are stunning!!! Tell William thank you for taking such amazing pictures for all of us to enjoy.

    1. Yes, He literally did take 280 pictures! The caverns were beautiful inside. Amazing what God has created. Even the hidden beauty. I will tell William and he will be blessed you commented and liked them. We are daily praying for Maggie!! And your family. Blessings!

  2. Wow what great pictures. It looks like the kiddos had a great time.

  3. They really did Kerri. I wish I could have went too and brought Antonio but it was not wheel chair accessible at all. :( Praise God, Antonio takes all things in stride and is REALLY a homebody and likes the small things in life like....air conditioning and electronics to play with! So he and I had a good day just us together. ;)