Sunday, December 8, 2013

November 2013 (From the eye of my camera)

I know, I know, it is not November anymore.  But...I was looking back over the posts I have written lately and most of them have been very informational oriented.  So I thought I would share some of the pictures I just down loaded off my camera, that will show a little bit of what we were up to in the month of November.  We live such a blessed and happy life, God is so good to us. 

We studied about painting techniques in home schooling for art.

My niece came and spent the day and the girls played dress up, ballet, pretend and tea party till their hearts content.

Yes, this is typical to find on my camera in our home.

Antonio's favorite band is the Annie Moses Band.  There is some amazing talent in this group (that link is a youtube video of them).  Most of the band members are all from the same family.  I sit there amazed as to all the instruments they can play and how well they do it.  It was a real treat to see and hear them in real life.  To me they are kind of a mix of Celtic women and Mannheim Steamroller.  They came to our town in concert at the Gem Theater and we were able to all go and enjoy the concert together.  My dad even went with us!
Above is us waiting for the concert to start.  William and Antonio sat on the front row in the handicap section.  The rest of us sat further back.

I groomed my dog so she would look good for company coming for the holidays.  (Actually, I groomed three of the five house dogs. I just take more pictures of  mine.  :)  That's Pickles all bathed and blow-dryed on the top and freshly groomed below.

The beautiful flowers my mother-in-law brought me on Thanksgiving.
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Tim likes to cook and bake and has certain things that are a tradition for him to make every year. (He makes the best homemade yeast rolls, sweet-potato casserole, blackberry cobbler and pumpkin pie.)  He also handles the turkey,   I do the rest.  So we split the load.  This year Carolyn made green bean casserole and Elizabeth happily peeled all the potatoes for the mashed potatoes.  William always makes the place cards to say where everyone is to sit.  He draws a personal picture on each card.  Every year Stephen, my dad and Tim's parents come and spend the day with us.
While we are all together, it is also a tradition for my dad to take our yearly family picture on this day.   We use that picture at the top of our once a year holiday letter we send out to all our relatives and friends by snail mail.  The below picture is the best of about 20 that were taken!

Of course we celebrated Zeke's 12th birthday!

Here is a beautiful storm that blew in across the area in November.

Another yearly tradition is for us to go to the Gem theater for the holiday concert of the local hand-bell choir.  Antonio has all their CD's and loves to listen to them.  They put it on every year for the Blewer Food pantry.  The cost of admission is one can of food per person.    

Put on top of all this our normal home schooling, care of all the children's special needs, house work, the farm care, keeping the wood stove going, cooking and baking.  You can see November was a blessed, full and wonderful month for sure!  Thank you God for our life, health and for all you allow us to do.

Psalm 70:4  Let all those that seek thee rejoice and be glad in thee: and let such as love thy salvation say continually, Let God be magnified.







  1. I think that is a FABULOUS family picture! Even with 20 shots I can't get my TWO boyz looking at the camera and smiling at the same time!

    1. Ha ha! I totally get that! Espcially when photographing my Zeke. You should have seen the out takes!! Thank you for the compiment. I was so glad that we got at lest one with everyone smiling and eyes open and on my dad! I made a new banner for this blog with the new one last night. Now just to fiigure out how to get it on here. :) blessings!