Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Gearing Up For A Long Weekend.

I have one word... Bug-a-paluza.  Yup, the once a year, huge, fun, exciting, Tim and Williams get away for the whole weekend, weekend.  Whew.  Tim had owned several VW bugs while growing up and of course William saved his money up and bought his first one when he was very young.  So they are both VW bug enthusiast. 
Williams bug in the snow earilier this year!

Tim and William have been going to Bug-a-paluza for 5 years now.  It gives them both a wonderful time away together alone, making happy memories together.  Getting away from it all.  They leave on Friday and come home Sunday.  It always seems like they are gone a lot longer, as I stay busy doing all of theirs and my chores and tasks while they are gone.

Tim is my best friend and other half and that makes it hard enough when he goes away... but add to that my right hand man, William, going too and it makes for a very hard, long weekend.

Please keep us all in your prayers.  For Tim and Williams safety.  For me and the children left here at home.  I will have all the farm work...All of Antonio's toileting, bathing, tube feeding and care and the two new toddlers to care for.  

God is so good.  I am cleaning the house and preparing for them being gone this week and plan to just batten down the hatchet and do the basics while they are gone in order to get everything done that needs doing.  I know God has helped me every year they have gone before and He will this time as well.

I am so glad all my goats have delivered their babies or I know it would be doubly hard.  As sometimes I am out in the barn for hours with a delivery.

I am hoping to have all the baby goats gone by this weekend so I don't have to go out and bottle feed them though out the day.

I am looking forward to this special time away for Tim and William.

Isaiah 41:13  For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee.





  1. I hope they have fun! My guys went on a three day weekend hog hunt and I was home with our four little girls - it was crazy, but we survived and they guys had a blast! Prayers for you as you handle the home front while the guys have a blast on their trip!

    1. They both work so hard for our family that I am honored to do this for them so they can have fun and get away. Last year I was very tired and not feeling well going into the weekend they left and don't remember much about it all but Carolyn asked me this year if we could have popcorn for several meals like last year! :/ YIKES! I don't remember that but I guess it made memories! God always helps me and all goes well. It makes me appreciate them and miss them all the more. Blessings and thanks for the prayers, we always need them!