Tuesday, April 15, 2014

They Are Home!

I can not say how overjoyed I am to have my husband and William home once again.  Our long weekend started out when the guys left on Friday at noon to go on their trip.  All went very well till about 4 on Saturday when we had a few hours that really wore me out.  The older children were bickering and the toddlers fussy and naughty.  Sigh.  I was so tired and still had to get the babies asleep so I could go out to the barn late and milk the goats.  After a good night sleep God helped me get thru Sunday till 2:00 when the guys got back home.  I am so happy.  Just very relieved and happy.  Once again this reminded me that I do nothing in and of my own strength.  That I rely on God for it all and that we all do our small parts around here making life flow smoothly and everything gets done.

The guys had a wonderful time and came back well rested and sunburnt.  On Friday they had lunch at Steak and Shake and went bowling.

They ate junk and watched real TV in the hotel room.  On Saturday they walked around and looked at VolksWagens to their hearts content and ate more junk.

William said I had to put these two pictures on the blog.  This one because he is trying to make his bug into one like this.  Herbie!
Then this photo he wanted on here as well.

On Sunday they woke up and went back to look at more VolksWagens and then came home after lunch.  A quick and wonderful get away for them both.

I am grateful they had a great time but also that the once a year weekend is over with and we can get back to normal.  Thank you to all of you who kept us in your prayers.  All went well!

1 John 4:19  We love him, because he first loved us.



  1. so nice your husband is home! And so nice that he got to have a fun time with William too..special memories for them ... :)

    1. Yes, they had a wonderful time away together. I missed them terribly though. I am so very blessed to have the family I do. Blessings! Praying for your new addition!