Sunday, September 14, 2014

Knocked On My Pa-tu-ki

Yup, you read that right...We had a lot happen this week and I will be blogging to share all about our week soon.  But...starting Friday night we had a 24 hour tummy bug go thru the family.  It unfortunately started with me!  Yes, me!  The one who usually never gets it!  The one who usually takes care of every one else, was down for the count.  Knocked on my pa-tu-ki.  Totally not able to function.  I have not had anything like this happen in a long while.

Tim did a great job holding down the fort, keeping well-children separated from sick-children and cleaning up after everyone.  But by Saturday evening poor Tim had it too.  By then I was at least able to slowly move around in the house to take over as Tim had no choice but to go to bed.  Needless to say, it was a long weekend and I can not wait for Monday. 

William, Zeke and baby K did not get it and I pray they do not as it was a really intense tummy flu.  Tim has Addisons Disease and he always gets things ten times worse and it takes him a very long time to recover.   He is very weak and still in bed but seems to be over the worst of it. 

Tim's Chick-Fil-A is closed for the month of September for a total remodel.  So Tim should be able to rest for the next few days and recover faster than if he had to return to work tomorrow.

The house has been sanitized and I am on my last load of laundry.  Whew...I hope that we never see the likes of it again.  With so many in our home, it really is a huge tiring ordeal.  God is so good and at least it was over with quickly.

May the One True and Only God, be with you through this fall and winter, keeping us all healthy and well.

3 John 1:2  Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.





  1. Oh! No! The last time we were that sick was when the last 3 boys came home. Both times our boys came home from their Country we traded bacteria back and forth until we adjusted to each other!! Oh my! It was awful. That's the one thing about International adoption that I don't like! Kat at Momentum writes about it well!

    So sorry to hear you have all been so sick! Isn't it funny how a few don't get it!! Our Samson and M.A. and S.P. tend to skip getting what knocks us down it most times. ((((HUGS))))))) and prayers
    And thank you for your precious comments on my blog!

  2. Wow...I remember Kat describing it on her blog and you mentioning it. I can't imagine. There is no easy way to have a child. There is always some kind of waiting, hardship or suffering that comes along with it. I guess so we value them that much more and know a child comes with a price. Love to you always! God be with you!