Monday, July 15, 2013

Happy 26th Birthday Stephen!!

Wow!  Wow! Wow!  How did this much time go by already?  Amazing, just amazing. 

I remember complaining to my grandmother how old my children were all getting and how it was making me feel so old, and she said….”just wait till all your kids are retired and getting social security!!”  So funny.  But like everything she always said, it was full of practical wisdom and put things in perspective for me.  :)
Stephen I love you so much.  You are the one that made me officially a mother at a young and tender time in my life. 
All I ever wanted to be in life was a mother and you came along and fulfilled that in me.  
God blessed me with you.  I was so young I had no idea what I was doing.  But I enjoyed and loved you every moment of every day. 
We grew up together.  You had me all to yourself for nine years of your life.  And what an incredible nine years they were.  We did everything together.  We were more like buddies.  Everywhere I went, pretty much, you did too. 
Oh my goodness!!!... the high energy you had/have.  I had always wanted a lot of children but having you made me rethink for a season how many I really could take care of!  Praise God I was so young when I had you or I might not have had the energy to keep your body and mind satisfied. 

You rolled over at two weeks old.  Army crawled at six weeks old.  If you were walking you wanted to run.  Always wanting to go, go, go.  You started talking at 9 month old.  Knew 200 flash cards at 1 year old.  Writing from memory at 3.  Read your first novel at four…. Winnie the Pooh in old English!  The questions all day long were none stop and the answers had better be accurate and scientific.  If I didn’t know the answers, we would go find out together.  You were raised on Taco Bell, McDonalds and crispy cream donuts! (oh, man, have I changed my parenting ways since then!  None of that probably helped your high energy levels!!)
We were always on the go to keep you burning off your endless energy and using your unique creativity. 
When I was not working we lived at playgrounds, and lakeside beaches, swimming, fishing trips and long walks.  You were so very spoiled…..the first grandchild on both sides for YEARS! 
But… you wanted siblings from the time you were four.   You would pray for them..  Ask me when more were coming.  When you were 8 you gave me a phone number you had gotten off a billboard for adoption.  Saying that all you wanted for your birthday and Christmas was a little brother.  Sigh.  As an overwhelmed single mom that seemed an impossible gift to give.   (I guess all that praying built up and exploded on you with siblings a few years later in life when Tim asked me to marry him! Ha ha!)
You were always having fun!!!

Always busy being a big brother.

Do you remember …..

Me walking into your bedroom just in time to catch you from jumping off the top of your dresser.  You had on a cape and thought you could fly!

How about getting on campus isolation IN KINDERGARTEN!!!  For forging my name on a note that was sent home to be signed…..You signed it in green crayon.  I guess signing it MOM didn’t help your plan either.

How about wearing a bow tie everywhere we went for years.  Or stealing my Mario points on the video game we were playing together!  I didn’t even know that was possible.

How about me getting stopped in a routine license and car insurance inspection road block and you told the officer I was not wearing my seat belt and speeding right before I came to the road block! 

What an amazing journey my life has been.  I praise God you were part of it.  A HUGE part of it.
You are a good son.  I am pleased with you.  I love you.  We grew up together and both have changed in many ways.  You are not only my son but my friend.

Thanks for all the many games of scrabble, the flowers you bring. For coming home for regular visits and always making it fun and interesting for the rest of the kids.  Like bringing a huge bucket of Nerf guns for you all to have a war with. one shot the cat.  Silly thing was laying in the middle of the battlefield the whole time grooming itself!!
Or coming to swim with them and toss them around in the pool almost every weekend thru the summer months.

The visits since you moved away, are precious times.  
Proverbs 22:6  Train up a child in the way he should go,  And when he is old he will not depart from it.

We love you now and always,
God be with you,
Dad and mom

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