Wednesday, March 26, 2014

So Many Appointments! A Bad Cold Rolls Thru!

I wish I had a great post all ready to post today.  I wish I had taken at least a few pictures of the kids this week to share.  Sigh.  God is so good to keep us going, moving and getting things done but I admit, I have had little time for anything else this last week and a half.  Last week and this week so far, has been a whirlwind of appointments,blowing little noses and rocking toddlers.  Normally, we have a lot of appointments, just because we have so many children with so many diagnosis.  But throw in two new foster placements and we have had a lot of extra running to doctors and specialists.  Hopefully once the initial appointments are done, things will calm down to our normalish routine.

When a child comes into care they have to have a physical within a day or so.  Then, if they are very young they need to be evaluated for PT, OT and speech because often they have not developed on par.  Often they have been left in car seats with bottles propped and not allowed down to play to develop normal skills.  So these evaluations are important to get them therapy of they need it, quickly before issues arise from the neglect.  Then, there are the appointments that need to be made for anything else the doctors are concerned about.  (In this case the children's hearing is in question.)  So, needless to say I have been on the go almost daily since they have arrived.  They have been here for one month now.  Wow, that went by quickly!  I have literally felt God help me daily.  Thank you God.

Here is our last week and a half...On last Monday we had to go to town to get Carolyn's leg brace adjusted as it was causing a sore spot on her leg.  After that we had an appointment for Elizabeth's dog, at the vet, as it is very old and not doing well.  Twice a day antibiotics for the dog and surgery for it in two weeks.  Sigh.

On Tuesday we had Antonio's Massage Therapist come and Ballet for Carolyn and Elizabeth. (Antonio's teacher canceled for the morning) I was grateful as the youngest foster toddler came down with a bad cold and was very clingy for the day.

On Wednesday we had therapy day when I take all the children to get their PT, OT and Speech for the week. (still had a clingy little one)

On Thursday was our much awaited heart appointment for Elizabeth.  Her EKG and echo showed we could go another six months without a heart cath or surgery so Glory to God for that!  We know that she will need those things done soon,  The doctor thought that she would need it done this spring but praise God!, nothing got any worse in the last six months!  I can not tell you how grateful we are about this.  The longer she goes before her next open heart surgery the better.  (Now, Elizabeth has the cold as well.)

On Friday we had Antonio's long awaited toe surgery!  He was actually very excited about it, to finally know this surgery should fix the ongoing wound on his big toe.  We have been dealing with this toe for several years.  It went really well and he is doing great! (Now. Three of the children have the cold, sigh)

Saturday we rested up.  Praise God for the Sabbath!   Sunday, was Tim's birthday and it was busy.  We went out to eat as a family and met Tim's parent's and Stephen at a local restaurant.  During that meal we got a call to take a three month old baby that needed placement from another foster home as the foster mom had to go to the ER.  It was supposed to be just for a day or so.  So we said yes.  I learned a lot while she was here.  First and foremost, the two little ones we have now can not handle sharing me right now.  The youngest toddler boy sobbed on the couch like I broke his heart, crying for me, every time I had to feed or hold the baby.  As a matter of fact he cried or clung to me almost the whole time the new baby was at our home.  We got a call from the baby's foster mom after 4 hours saying she was home from the hospital could she come get her baby, she missed her so much.  Praise the Lord, YES!  I about fell on my knees in gratitude to God for such a short placement.  The baby was so good.  But our little guys could not handle it.  So no more extra children now at all.  The toddlers need me totally to themselves right now.  Which is good and well.  I don't know what I was thinking!  Lesson learned.

Monday, of this week,  was supposed to be a day to stay at home clean house a bit and be in routine but hit the ground running by having the two and a half year old become sick.  He got much worse after supper and ended up in the ER late in the night with Strep and an ear infection.(Now, I have the children's cold as well.)

Tuesday, of this week, we had Antonio's teacher come for the  morning, his massage therapist  in the afternoon and Ballet in the evening for the girls.  (The only ones not sick now are Carolyn, Tim and William)

And now today, Wednesday, I am finally starting to feel better and so are the children.  Tim was off, Glory to God!!! And he helped me take the two foster toddlers to the therapy place for Speech and PT evaluations.   They both scored very low in speech and will be needing Speech therapy. 

I am so grateful to God for helping me thru this very busy time, while being sick and having a few sick children.  It was not easy but God has also given me encouragement and hope in this time...for the first time... this week I am seeing things shift in our family.  Elizabeth has been as good as gold for the last week or so.  YIPPEE and PRAISE THE LORD!!!  The two and a half year old foster toddler is not tantruming anymore and obeying very well!  He is learning new words every day, is learning to help dress himself and is eating much better.  The little one and a half year old is tantruming less, screaming less, and does not need to be in my lap every five minutes to feel ok.  I can leave the room into the adjacent school room with out him melting down because he can see me right there.  (believe me this is great progress)  But if I get out of his sight he melts down.  So, he is improving as well.  Tim and I are now sleeping thru the night with out interruptions at all from the toddlers.  So more sleep for both of us equals a much better functioning daddy and mommy.  God has helped us to keep up the home schooling and house work with us all working together and doing our part thru it all.  God is so good always!

Psalm 33:4-6  For the word of the Lord is right; and all his works are done in truth.  He loveth righteousness and judgment: the earth is full of the goodness of the Lord.  By the word of the Lord were the heavens made; and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth.




  1. Good grief, you have had a month in the last week! Glad to hear things are settling down. I hope everyone is feeling better very soon!

    1. We are all feeling a little better every day. I must admit that with out God I could not care for these two toddlers. I can see why God choose to have us have babies when we are younger. Then with a bad cold...I guess I have become quite the baby when I am sick. Thanks for the encouragement. I always appreciate it!

  2. Oh my goodness susan!!!! You are busy busy busy!!! My heart leaped with Elizabeths news... Yay Jesus! And I was thinking "What in the world girl!" when I read you took in a little one on top of everything else. God is your strength and shield... your ever present help in time of need. I admire you. blessings

    1. Praise God Yes! We are beyond happy about her not needing surgery this spring. It is very hard to plan for these things. We just have to take it in stride. God has been very good to us. Always.