Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Zeke's Chore Chart

Zeke is such a wonderful son.  He always works so hard and does his best even though he struggles with autism.  He was having trouble remembering all the things he needed to get done every day.  We tried many ways to keep him on track or make sure he did everything that he needed to do and all were epic failures.  My children's allowances are based on them getting their chores done daily, the quality of work they do and their behavior. 

He tried so hard to do all he needed to do but would forget many things regularly and not get his allowance or full allowance often.  So we talked about ways to help him and nothing seemed to work. 

Finally, I decided we  needed to come up with something that ensured success.  He tries so hard.  I wanted to find something that would work.  I did some reseach and spoke with his Occupational therapist.  This is what we came up with.

I wrote a list down in order of his daily schedule and all that was required of him.  His therapist came up with pictures for most of those things.  I went to the store and bought a piece of poster board, some clear packing tape and velcro.  I used the clear packing tape to cheaply laminate the pictures so they would be more durable.  Then put velcro on the back. 

This is how it works.  As he does each thing through out the day he moves over the picture from the left side column, to the right.  At the end of the day I check and make sure he did everything.  Making sure that all his pictures are in the right column.  If they are, he gets a sticker to put on the calendar for the day (we then move everything back for the next day).  At the end of the month if he has stickers on all the days he gets his full allowance.

This system is working amazingly well for him.  He is very honest and only moves things over if done and has not missed a month getting his allowance yet! 

Thank you God for helping us come up with something that works for him!

On the home front all is going very well.  Thank you to all that are praying for us.  I can really feel the help from the Lord in my energy and how things are getting into a better routine.    The two little foster brothers are doing better every day.

The one year old is very cuddly.  He needs to be held a lot, rocked for comfort and to help him fall asleep.  He has a small temper we are gently working on taming.   :)  

The two year old is learning to trust us and learning that toys are to play with and not throw and hit things and people with.  He is very sweet and learns fast and wants to please us.  He really is still a baby himself and is cuddled up on my lap at every opportunity that the one year old is not. 

They both are quite clingy but that is very understandable.  They are becoming bonded to us and replacing bad behavior with good daily.  They are both almost sleeping thru the night now.  That helps tremendously!  We are also trying to teach them to eat food and drink less milk.  We are enjoying them immensely and praying for their mom and case to go well for them.  God is so good.

As you might have guessed I have gotten nothing done around the house.  No new projects and only maintenance type upkeep.  But I am enjoying the time rocking the boys and helping them adjust.  Oh wait...I did make this small TV stand for our TV in our room so the DVD player could go under it last week.  But that was just a small project.  We don't have piped in TV but do watch a movie once or twice a week.  I could not find a stand for the DVD to go under the TV so this works great.  Just a piece of scrap 2x10 and two pieces of scrap 2x4 cut for the legs.  The stain I already had around the house and I did put felt feet on it.   Turned out pretty good.

I did venture out on Tuesday and take all the kids to home school bowling day!  It was fun and the two new little ones did very well.

Also, Carolyn finished the hat that Antonio wanted her to knit on her knitting loom.  So here they are in the hats she made for them both!

We are very busy but blessed beyond measure.  God is so good, always!  May He be with you now and always.

1 Corinthians 15:58  Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.




  1. I L.O.V.E that chore chart!!!! Inventive and practical. Blessings on your home Susan, in Jesus name!!!