Monday, March 31, 2014

A Much Needed Day Out with My Dad

Life has been beyond busy.  God has been beyond faithful.  In the last month we have had many adjustments for us all.  Many changes.  Many sacrifices from not only Tim and I but from the children.

The two new foster toddlers have been with us over a month now.  My children have learned so much from them being here in just that short amount of time.  They have seen...  Seen what deep neglect does to a child.  They saw it before when we did foster care.  But now it is all real and fresh again.  My children are all older now and understand so much more.  It is changing them all for the better.  They see the intense behaviors and issues with these toddlers.  Several of my children have come to me and said..."I am not going to ever do drugs mom and do this to my children"  OR "Mom, I am going too love and teach my children as they are growing so they will not do these things"  This experience is helping them see the way they want to parent.  They are seeing how some bad decisions effect not only you but all those around you, especially your children.  They have said they want to raise their children in love, guidance and discipline from birth.   This experience has at times filled them with compassion to see these two little ones struggle so much.  It has also been trying for all of us to listen to constant screaming and see the daily violent tantrums.  To see children so small hit, scratch and hurt themselves when upset.  We have all suffered more than one headache from it all.  One night, Carolyn jokingly came to me and asked to sleep out in the van for the night to escape the noise.  My children also know that every bit of what we are doing for these babies is for God.  God is so worth it.  His plan is so worth it.  These children...are so worth it.  To give their mom a break, the opportunity to work on herself, is so worth it.

We have all seen the hand of God on them and working in them since they have come. 
They are no longer doing so many of these bad behaviors, doing them less frequently or with less intensity.  What a joy to see them hug each other and us in happiness.  Or to watch them learning and growing so fast.  When the little one falls down, now the older one says are you ok?  What a difference, what a change. 

They don't know what to make of us praying at the table before meals.  The 2 1/2 year old thinks we are all pretending to sleep.  So cute and innocent.  The good days are more frequent than the hard days now.  I can see them wanting to please us and that they love us as we love them and want the best for them.  This is the reward.  This is the joy.  Just to know we are making some small difference for God in the world.  Making a difference for these two little boys.

I have been with these two little ones non-stop with out a break for over a month now.  The requirements put forth by the state are so intense and expensive for anyone to be a sitter... that there is no one to ever baby sit them for me, except for another certified foster parent.  So... my wonderful husband.  My precious, gracious, loving husband...gave me a wonderful gift yesterday.  The gift to run away with my dad for the whole day and go antiquing. 
My dad and I have done this at least once or twice a month for years.  But because I have the new toddlers, I have not been able to go anywhere alone without them.  I need to keep things low key and as uneventful as possible.  Only the necessary appointments we must go to and no company at all.  They have had a huge upheaval in their lives and are on a huge learning curve right now.  We need them to bond with us and know us and what life is like here well before we add things in.  They need routine and stability as much as possible.  My husband said he would let me go away with my dad alone, once a month for a break.  Boy, I love that man.  Thank you God!

Also, every Sunday for the last 14 years or so I have been the Sunday Chaplain at our local hospital.  I go in first thing in the morning and do my rounds to see every patient that is in the whole hospital.  It usually takes several hours depending on the patient load.  I offer prayer or just visit a bit with every one.  My sister has been making crocheted hearts to hand out to every patient all these years as well.  Tim has said he would continue to care for all the children on Sunday mornings as well so I can continue with that ministry.  Thank you God and thank you Tim!

I am blessed, blessed, blessed above and beyond what I deserve.  I am grateful for my God and His great care of my life.

Oh!  I almost forgot.  We have one more new four legged kid!  If you want to read about him here!  He will not be here long but sure is cute!

May God lead and guide you in all you do for Him all the days of your life!

Titus 3:5  Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost;



  1. That's wonderful- what a sweet husband you have! thank you for all of your sweet comments on our blog. You are such a blessing and an encouragement. So glad to hear that the new boys are doing better...your work is not in vain. :) God bless you!!!

    1. Thank you for your encouragement. I appreciate it so much. I can not tell you how wonderful it has been to follow your blog and see all God is doing in your life! Blessings!