Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers Day!!!

Happy Fathers Day! 

Being a father is a very high calling.  Being the leader and head of the house hold, caring supportive husband, hard worker, bread winner, odd job doer, toy fixer and still be a good father, is a lot!   It is a hard job.  It is a very fulfilling and rewarding part of life.  It is a huge part of the precious life. 

I am always so very grateful on fathers day for my own dad.  He is a great man.  A biblically godly man.  I have such wonderful memories starting when I was very small of him and myself.  
I remember him carrying me around and playing with me.
I was his tool girl.  When ever he had projects to do, I was there to help hand him anything he needed. 
Looking back I was probably in the way, and chatted his ear off in the process, but he never let on.  He was my first crush and choice to marry!!! As most little girls do…but was told by mom he was taken.   
He was not a dad that watched sports or did his own thing. He was a husband and family man through and through.   He came home from working hard in an office all day long..... and in the summer we would all eat outside having a picnic.  Then he and mom would work out in the garden for a while.  Then they would play with us children till way after dark.  In the summer months they played badminton, volley ball, kick ball and swam with us.  Every one participated no matter how small.  In the winter month we all played board games or card games all together just about every night.  We vary rarely watched TV.  He was a dad.  A good dad.  As I grew he was there for me thru my teen troubles. 

He put up with me thru my early twenties as I climbed up fools hill and eased my fall as I came down the other side.  He and my mom were always supportive and encouraging.  My biggest cheerleaders.  He patterned for me Christianity in action, good parenting tactics,  financial accountability  and so much more.  He is one of my very best friends to this day.  
I enjoy every moment I am with him.   I can always count on him.  I love him dearly and always.  He was everything I wanted in a husband when I got married.  That kind of a one in a million man for my family. 
After some ruff foolish years…..I grew up.  I got saved and God brought me a man I never deserved.  A one in a million husband.  Still to this day he opens doors for me and helps me into vehicles.

God created one of the greatest dads I have ever known, in my husband Tim.  

He is so kind and patient. 

Gentle but firm. 

Fun and truly loves and enjoys his children. 

He sits and  listens to the girls silly jabbering that goes on and on. 

He wrestles with the boys.  He has weekly bible study with them from the time they can sit and listen.   

When he runs to town he grabs one or two kids to ride with him just because he wants to.  

No matter what was wrong with a child when DFCS called us.  He never hesitated to say, bring them home.   
He changed diapers after diaper, was spit up on, cleans up messes when the flu goes thru.  Has fallen asleep with more babies on his chest than I can count.  Has played everything from tea party to monster trucks with the kids.  He is dad. 

When we went looking for beds for the girls, when there old ones were no longer functional.  I was looking at your basic bunk beds.  He had them over looking at a fancy pink, mint green and pale yellow one.  By the time I got there to say my piece about it, he had already said yes to the girls wanting it and my girls were jumping up and down holding each other excitedly squealing like piglets!  Ugh!

He doesn't spoils our children but goes out of his way to see them happy in simple and wholesome things.  He takes the time to help them and encourage them in the strengths he sees they have.  

Today we celebrated the dads on our farm.  I gave my dad a card and gift.  I love him dearly.  The children made Tim home made cards and William made him a stop animation video for his card to Tim.  It is very speical.

After I came home from doing my rounds as Sunday Chaplain at the Hospital we grilled out for lunch.

Tim grilled burgers for the children and steak for him and I!

Carolyn got up early to start her crock pot baked beans so they would be ready by lunch time.  They were special for her dad.

Everyone enjoyed the grilled corn with lime!  Thanks Linny for the recipe!

Everyone enjoyed the good food!  Yes, Zeke eats his meals with his dog and parrot! 

The parrot loved the lime peels!

They had ice cream for desert!

God has blessed us mightily in Tim.  With all the many hats he wears in life.  He truly shines in his role as dad!

Happy Fathers day Dad and Tim.  Love you so very much and grateful every day for who you are in our life!

May the Lord God in heaven pour out His wisdom upon the Godly men of the world, blessing and anointing them to be the sound men of God that He calls all men to be.  


Proverbs 20:7 The just man walketh in his integrity: his children are blessed after him.

Proverbs 23:24 The father of the righteous shall greatly rejoice: and he that begetteth a wise child shall have joy of him.


  1. I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Father's Day. You are a very lucky lady!

  2. Thank you! I pray you and your family had a good one as well. God is so good. I do feel very blessed! God be with you!