Friday, June 14, 2013

Kids Cell Phone Cameras?

Two of my kids, still living at home, have cell phones.  William (16 years old) and Carolyn (13 years old)  We got one for William when he was about 12 years old and Carolyn’s for her about a year ago.  Tim and I did not get them cell phones because they are terribly social and have a lot of people they like to talk to.  They aren't.  We home school and rarely go anywhere.  Actually, we have only a handful of people we talk to on the phone, let alone text and such.   We got William a basic phone all those years ago because he and I were sometime quite a ways apart on the farm when doing work and needed to check in on each other with out having to walk a long way.  If the kids were all in the house home schooling and I was out working in the garden or barn,  I would have to stop what I was doing and walk all the way to the house to check on the kids every so often.  If they needed to ask me a question, same thing.  If William was out mucking in the barn and I needed him or wanted to check on him, I would have to go out to the barn to do it.  So we got him a phone as a sign of passage.  A step to becoming grown up..... and more selfishly, for a way to communicate on the 10 acre farm we live on, to save steps and time.

It has all worked out wonderfully.  So much so that when Carolyn turned 12, we did the same for her.  As she at times is working in the barn or house and me somewhere else.  I can contact her if I need to.  Both kids also can text and talk to Tim's parents that live in another town or with their cousins, aunts and uncles. 
As technology has progressed so has the phones for the kids as they needed new ones.  They now have a camera on them. 

The other day William showed me a picture he took, on his phone, of Zeke.  We had brought home a treat for the kids from a "take out" place.  Carolyn had to get up from the table to do something out in the barn and Zeke slid over to her place and acted like he was eating her special treat!  They thought it would be a funny thing to take a picture of Zeke doing that and send it to their sisters phone.  Just to tease her.

As he showed it to me he flipped thru all the pictures he has on there and I was amazed.  I guess I never thought to look at what things they took pictures of.  I was surprised and intrigued, not only on what kinds of things he liked to take pictures of. (lots of VW bugs on the highway and lego creations)  But so many silly shots of the kids. Ways they were playing around and dressed that I never saw them do and I live in the same house!  So I asked to see his phone and looked thru all his photos and had a huge laugh.  All the silly pictures of the kids.  Most of them are of Zeke as William and Zeke spend a lot of time together wrestling and bumming around.  I guess  I am a bit naive with the way we live and raise our kids.  I trust them.  I just never thought to look at his phone and what they have been up to and do!  It was nothing bad at all.  Just a bunch of silly kids stuff.  So very funny to me!  I won't make you look thru them all.  But here is a bit of sampling of what he had.

I guess this is ninja Zeke.

A lego robot holding one of our parrots toys?? A rubber duck!  I guess this is art!!

A mower William helped my dad take apart.

My dog tucked in Zeke's bed.

Super Zeke! (this one cracked me up)

Williams car.

!!!????!!!!!  I have no words!  So funny!!

 There were a few of the goats....

I remember them asking me to take this one.  Their morning coffee!

Isn't he cute!

Not so cute...I can't believe they would take a picture like that!

I don't like having my picture taken.  But he got me.  sigh.

Oh, what a handsome man!  I guess this was taken at Bug-a-palooza this year when they went.

 Elizabeth and her dog Melissa.

 Carolyn and her yawning dog Princess.

Antonio on his tablet playing a game.

This is just a few of the many, many random pictures that my son has felt inspired to take through out his days.  Some of them just made my day.  To see the happy silliness that goes on every day even when I might be in the barn or gardening.  God is so good.  My blessings over flow.  :)

May God abundantly bless you now and always in all you do for Him.


Psalm 3:8  Salvation belongeth unto the Lord: thy blessing is upon thy people. Selah.


  1. How neat. Don't forget to download those pictures on to a computer or disc before he deletes them. He might love to look at them when he is older. :-)

    1. Thanks Julie, that's a great idea! I'll get right on that. When he is 40 he will have a good laugh! :) Blessings!

  2. Hi Susan! we homeschooled this year. Grade 5/6 and grade 9. We were having issues with our schools, but that is an entirely different story! We bought our kids phones so that they could communicate with us if they needed us during the day or, while on their hour long ride on the school bus. Now that we are home, this is my daughters way of communicating with her best friend who is still attending public school. As well as her cousins and her dad and I.... we to are 10 acre land owners. Totally get the running back and forth when they need you. My daughter is a fantastic photographer and it all started with her phone. We bought her a camera at Christmas last year, but she still uses her phone and the pictures are amazing. Especially of all the things we miss as parents with their brothers, sisters, cousins and friends. The scrapbooking cards and gifts made with all of those pictures are always a wonderful surprise.

  3. Tracey, Sounds like the cell phone camera is leading your daughter into a photography profession! I am going to start checking the pictures that the kids take from time to time from now on. Just out of curiosity! I truly saw some great stuff taken from their point of view. Hmmmm scrapbooking the photos.....Sounds like a home school project to me!