Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer Is In Full Swing

We stay very busy year round.  Some times of the year are busier than others.  When most people are relaxing or having down time in the summer months.  Those months are some of the busiest for us. 

We home school year round but do it lightly through the summer months.  We continue with the normal curriculum but add in fun and interesting stuff and do a lot of hands on learning.  We count a lot of daily living skills as home schooling.  All of our children have special needs so planting gardens and harvesting food is counted as schooling, educational and good skills to have. 

We stay very busy also cooking and baking to use up all the wonderful produce that the garden provides so as not to waste anything. 

Keeping on top of all the squash and tomatoes can be a challenge some years!  Praise God!
In the mornings I spend time out in the gardens and raised beds a few times a week.  

I can only work out in the early mornings or later in the evenings, as the Georgia summer heat and humidity makes us feel sluggish and tired if out in it for too long in the middle of the day.

The kids do a lot of swimming in the afternoons when the shade is over the pool.  

They also play on the playground in the evenings after it cools off a bit.  But our days are full. 

I know many of you don’t follow my farm blog but we have also been extremely busy out in the barn.  We have had three goats to kid in a weeks time and one still ready to deliver any day.
Two of them delivered triplets.  So I have taken one from each of those to bottle raise to give the remaining two the best chance at getting enough milk.   
One of the little ones I pulled to bottle feed is a doe (girl)  and so tiny.  I had to tube feed her for several days. 
But now her sucking reflex has kicked in, Praise God, and she is eating about three ounces many times a day.  So that is taking up a good bit of my time too.  It is well worth it though. 
God has blessed us mightily in the life we have here.  It is truly a wholesome way to raise the children that God has blessed us with.  They enjoy it so much and God has used it to teach them and grow them in so many areas of their lives.  I am so very grateful.

May God be with you this summer in all you do.

Psalm 90:17

And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us: and establish thou the work of our hands upon us; yea, the work of our hands establish thou it.