Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What in the World are you thinking!!!

I wonder how many famous people of the Bible heard that? 

I was spending some time with God the other day.  Talking to Him and thinking of the situation we are going thru in my family.  The huge decisions we are making lately.  It has not been easy and we have proceeded with much prayer.  I was going over the list of things that Tim and I have talked about and that people have said to us trying to convince us not to go back into fostering/adoption.  They mention things such as our health, we are getting older, all our children are almost grown, we have no baby things at all, the cost....the list goes on and on and on.  The Lord immediately brought to mind Noah.  How God told him to build the ark.  How he knew he had heard from God, so went on to do as God told him to do.  How people mocked him and ridiculed him.  How they didn’t believe he had been told to do this by God, but he had.  So he did what was asked of him, in faithfulness to God and he and his family were spared.

How God had told Abraham to leave the land of his and his families nativity, all they knew.  To go to a land of promise.  Oh, what his neighbors must have said to him.  But he knew he heard from God and so he did what was asked of him, in faithfulness to God and received Gods’ promise.

How God told Moses to deliver His people out of Egypt.  Oh, how the people balked and ridiculed him at times.  How they didn’t believe at times he had heard from God or heard right.  But Moses knew he had heard from God and so he did what was asked of him, in faithfulness to God, and was called a friend of God.
Over and over in scripture, many of the stories are of God telling one of His people, His servants, to do something that others around them did not feel was right, or in the best interest of that person. To do something that made no sense to do.  From marching around the walls of Jericho in silence for many days, to Samson not cutting his hair to be strong.  But they knew they had heard from God, and so they did it, in faithfulness to God and were blessed. 

Even Jesus himself……many didn’t believe Him, that he was from God, born of a virgin, His son.  They mocked Him and tried to stone Him.   But He knew and praise be to God, He was obedient and followed thru.  In faithfulness to God, and we were all given the opportunity to be saved.  Amen.

Many times the things God asks us to do don’t make sense.  Many times in my own life I have seen people push those thoughts from God or His leading aside.  Saying it would cost to much, would be to hard, makes no sense and so they don’t do it, and loose out on the blessing and calling of their life.
The people who I see serving the Lord in the most amazing ways, are those that get out of their comfort zone.  Step out of the boat and walk on water to Jesus because He said to.  They go wash in the river because Jesus said to.  They do what God tells them, even when it seems like the thing that makes the least sense to do.   

Tim and I have shared with many people now that we are reopening our home to foster care.  We have not been able to shake the very strong feeling that we are to still be caring for children that need a home and a family.  Many peoples reactions have been of concern and basically are nicely saying. “what in the world are you thinking?”  At times, I admit it, it has made me doubt a bit.  But.....Since the Lord had me pondering the above people in the bible and the reactions others around them must have said......  I just smile inside now.  It is a very normal reaction to how things look and what we are about to do.  But we feel led of God.  So we are going to do it, in faithfulness to God, and will be so blessed.  :)
May the Mighty Lord, God in heaven, who knows all things, lead and guide us all in every detail of our whole life.  May we always be faithful to trust Him and follow.

We appreciate, more than I can say, all the prayers and notes of encouragement.  This is not an easy decision.  If we do this, it will change our lives forever and I myself do falter and question at times when I am tired.  I am human.  The meeting and home inspection by DFCS went very well.   Everything is falling into place so nicely but I still would like 100% peace (at all times) in knowing we are doing the right thing.  Please keep us in your prayers,

Proverbs 3:5  Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.


1 Samuel 12:24  Only fear the Lord, and serve him in truth with all your heart: for consider how great things he hath done for you.





  1. Hey, just to account for me - I don't have any doubts that you can do this. You surely know you can. You surely know you have, if anything you have become more knowledgeable and capable, you have always been able to, and until God removes that from you, you will always be able to. You know, if you need me ever, I'm here to help. :)

  2. Thank you so very much! I have always appreciated your friendship, prayers and listening ear. So very grateful to God for you. I might just be calling you! ;)