Thursday, March 7, 2013

How Two Kids Make a Dollar Stretch

Today we had to take Antonio to the doctors first thing in the morning.  He has an ongoing infection with his big toe under the nail.  We have been to wound clinic for it before.  Now the plan is to have it chemically treated so the part that is causing the re-occurring infection is made to not grow anymore and hopefully his toe will get better.  Antonio has very poor circulation in his feet so wounds on his legs and feet are very hard to get to heal.  

Antonio also had a few unusual emotional outburst lately that were not normal for him I had wanted to speak to the Dr. about them to rule out that it might be Antonio's shunt failing or him hurting somewhere.  

The kids were so well behaved at the long appointment that on the way home I stopped by Dollar General.  I do this once in a while when they are very good.  I give them each a dollar and tell them because they were so good here is a dollar each.  I tell them to get something they really want but to try to stretch the dollar as far as they can.  We eat so few treats at our home that this is a big deal and time to splurge and get a goodie for themselves.  Sometimes they buy a bottle of pop, a small bag of chips or a candy bar.  Once in a while something from the school supply section.  They know if it is a 1.09 or so that is fine to.  But have to keep it around a dollar. I always pay the tax.

Antonio said he was too tired to go in this time so I sat in the van and we talked as the kids went in with William.  When they came out Zeke had picked out a soda pop.  Elizabeth had bought an ice cream bar.  Antonio had sent in his order with William for a certain candy bar he enjoys.  But shock of all…. William and Carolyn came out giddy and happy as they decided to pool their money to make a cake.  One bought the box mix and the other the frosting.  Yikes!  Sugar over load!  We don't even have white sugar in the house.  We bake with honey, maple syrup or Sucanat (dehydrated raw cane syrup) I mean we make as much as we possibly can from scratch. Now at first I was a bit miffed.  As when I do this little ritual once in a great while, I think they get to do something fun, learn the value of a dollar, to not spend more than you have and figure out what you want to spend it on.  And if they do get a sugary treat it is gone and out of their system pretty quick.  But a WHOLE CAKE.  OH MY.  They will  be consuming preservatives and straight sugar for a few days to consume it.  But after a moment of talking to them (and I didn’t show I was secretly miffed) they shared that they were trying to do as I said and make their money stretch as far as they could for a treat.  Sigh.  I can’t argue with that, now can I. 

So here is how William and Carolyn made their dollar stretch. 
                                                               The ingredients go in.
                                                    Mixing it up.  I think Princess wants to help.

                                                                Pouring and scrapping

                                                                        Cleaning up. :)                                                                                                     
So funny how these siblings divided the cake perfectly down the middle and used their own favorite sprinkles for their half!  After all they each paid for half.
I think they are going to walk a piece down to Papas house now.  My children are truly so precious to me.  They keep me smiling and make my heart happy.  But now that they are getting older and smarter I guess I will have to make a new rule when I send them in with a dollar.  Or next time they might all decide to put their money in together and bring out a pizza!  :)

Matthew 19:14   But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

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